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Asking price:
Sale price:
Purchase venue:
Purchase price:

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  • Sale venue: Sold at NamePros, outbound direct, inbound direct, etc.
  • Listing type: Make Offer, Fixed price, Auction, Auction with Buy-It-Now, Reverse auction, etc.
  • Listing upgrades: Premium package, featured listing, etc.
  • Seller: me, a friend, a friend of a friend, a colleague, someone else, unknown, etc.
  • Purchase venue: Where (and the year) the seller purchased the domain name originally.
  • Details: Any additional details about the domain name like how you bought it, how long you had it before it sold, its age, etc.


Domain name: ThisDomain.com
Sale venue: NamePros (2016)
Listing type: Make offer with Buy-It-Now
Listing upgrades: Featured listing
Seller: Me
Asking price: $950
Sale price: $830
Purchase venue: NamePros (2015)
Purchase price: $25
Details: Acquired from a reseller. 5 years old domain. Had for 1 year before resold.
Domain name: ThatDomain.com
Sale venue: GoDaddy Auctions (2012)
Listing type: 7-day Public Auction
Listing upgrades: N/A
Seller: Someone else
Asking price: N/A
Sale price: $60
Purchase venue: Hand registration (2009)
Purchase price: $8
Details: I watched its auction. The auction description said it was hand-registered the same day it dropped (from expiration).​

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I usually don't report sales but this was the fastest sale transaction that I have ever had at Afternic from sale to transfer to payout. So, I wanted to give them a shout-out. I also noticed that the response time via their contact form has greatly improved in recent times.

Name: V//\\commerce//\\.io
Landing Page: Dan (BIN with Make Offer)
Sale Venue: Afternic (BIN)
Sale Type: Inbound
Sale Price: $6888
Cost: Handreg ~$30 plus 3 renewals (till 2022) ~$90. Total cost - ~$120
Hold Time: 3 years
Portfolio Size: Slightly above 200
No further details.


Sold for 1495.
Holdtime: Was still in reg lock.

The inquiry came in via Whois and I agreed to 1495 and set up a SAV BIN lander. Pretty Smooth transaction.

Happy to see that website is already up.
Buyer contacted me via a silly email and I didn't even think he/she was serious.

Turns out he is a serial entrepreneur :)
But happy with the sale. Very quick TAT and Crazy ROI.

Also October's been very slow for me. Hope this report unjinx it lol.

Meta XR. com
Sale venue: Sedo
Listing type: Make Offer
BIN Price: $60,000
Purchased Price:
Date Purchased: 02/14/2017
Sale Completed: 10/15/2021

Details: I hand registered this domain back in 2017 as I was building my XR portfolio with offers coming in in recent weeks. I turned down $2k and $5k offers via email. I received an initial offer of $40,000 via Sedo. I countered $75,000. I didn't hear anything back for 2 days so I enlisted the help of Sedo domain brokerage. They accepted my application. They took over negotiations whereby I had set the lowest I was willing to take was $55,000 and they got me $60,000 the very next day. So I am happy with the sell. I knew who the buyer was and could have gotten much more down the line but with my economics background time value of money is important lol especially in a hot and fast moving niche like meta and there were many new Meta+keyword .coms I wanted to acquire and have acquired.... no further details.

Short meta+ continues to outperform! Best of luck everyone!


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I'm proud to announce my first domain sale on Dan.com and am very pleased that payment was sent within (24) hours of closing the sale.

Domain below was sold to an established company which is currently using the same name with .net extension.

I had a fairly high original listing price of $3300 and received an offer of $1000. I counter-offered at $1488 because it was clear that they wanted to 'upgrade' to com.. then agreed to their counteroffer of $1100. It covered DAN's 9% cut at least

Cost: ($20 total including 2 renewals)
Hold Time: ~ 2 Years, 3 months

Thank you to everyone who shares their insight and experience on this forum.


Since this is your first transaction with us, please note that the transaction will be processed slower than usual due to mandatory security checks that we have to perform.

This will be done by tomorrow and the transfer and payout will proceed immediately after.

Have a nice day for now and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Sep 29, 16:54

Domain transferred
The transfer of the domain is completed. We will send the payout of $1,001.00 to your Paypal account:

Dan Bot
Sep 30, 10:27


NOTE: No outbound sales attempts.

I had intended to contact this company to inform them that the name is available/for sale if interested, but had not yet. Personally, I will be doing more outbound sales attempts moving forward.


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w/h/e/e/l/i/c .com
Venue: SH
Price: $1799
Cost: $~25 on NP in bulk deal
Hold Time: Maybe 3 months or so

Had this name priced at $1.99k, dropped it $200 for the week and it sold, glad to pay the commission because I think this name would have been hard to move if not on a brandable marketplace.

No Further Details.