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7 - rent domain for 5 years
Registrar: REG.RU
Created : 24-09-2021
Expires On: 24-09-2023
Start Price: $1 per month (or $12 per year)
Increment: $0,5 or more (for every 1 month)
Bin (rent a domain now): $50 (for every 1 month)
Auction end: 120 hours after last bid or Bin
Payment: BTC, ETH, USDT

Rent details:
1. Rental period: 60 months (12 x 5)
2. Payment period: every 12 months
3. Payment day: the first day of each period, that is, the start date of the domain rent (by Moscow time).
4. The tenant's DNS can be specified no more than 5 times - 1 registration within 48 hours after each payment.
5. Forbidden topics for the site: fakes; fraud; violence and its propaganda (terrorism, nazism, fascism, sectarianism, etc.); pornography; non-traditional relationships; drugs, weapons, prostitution; topics and fakes against Russia, its leadership and its citizens, other illegal actions.
6. If paragraph 3 and paragraph 5 are not fulfilled, as well as if the site does not work on the domain, has few visitors and/or is updated less than once a month, the lessor has the right to terminate the rent without refund of the money paid.
7. During these 5 years of rent, the lessor does not sell the domain, does not rent it to another person, does not use it himself.
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