Redemption Fee - mandatory or discretionary?

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    Very useful thread. Thanks. It addresses concerns and confusions I've had about these issues.
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    It isn't cut and dry as many in the thread discovered. It depends on the tld and their registry and what they charge and when. There is also a mark up added by registrars, this also varies by registrar and tld. It honestly is best to read the terms of service at your registrar of choice regarding redemption and the rules, how long the names are in redemption, fees etc and make your mind up that way. I am not aware of any one site that compares all the rules.
    This is the easiest formatted article I think we have concerning this question
    As a side note we waived all redemption fees for the pandemic. So for almost anyone who renewed late with us since March I believe we didn't charge a redemption fee unless we felt like you were purposefully abusing it. You didn't have to call in jump through any hoops or know anyone it just showed up in your cart as a normal renewal. Registrars do need to pay registries a redemption fee on domains that are expired after a certain time period, if we had to pay we ate those fees for our customers as a way to help small businesses struggling with paying their bills.
    I am not sure if we are still doing that currently but if not we were up until very recently.
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    Thanks Joe for helping everyone through the Pandemic,

    I am an older member with some preexisting conditions and doing my best not to end up in the Hospital,

    Can you give me and all the other people who might be in a bind a special rate for Domain Discount Club renewal (like $49.95)
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    Nice breakdown.....and nice plug 😉
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