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domains Quik․com Marketplace Launches Minting of NFT Domain Names



7,854 has launched a platform, touted as “the world’s top blockchain marketplace for NFT domains,” that enables users to purchase and sell blockchain-based domain names, including an advanced search system where users can browse specific listings.

“We aim to harbor creative NFT domain names for the internet of tomorrow,” said the founders of Quik when sharing their intention behind the project.

The Quik ecosystem is designed as a gateway into Web 3.0. The platform seeks to help businesses move away from the centralized Web 2.0 towards Web 3.0, a permissionless and permanent future of the internet. It will allow us to reclaim the lost freedom when we transited from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

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so beer..eth was it...sold for a lot.. tho not sure of roi and initial cost? but sad truth of these blockchain names is that 99.9% people and names are 2nd rate unsellable money grabs.

prove me wrong. that avg joe like me can own quality name like beer..well at least common 1worder...for good low.price... and thus have some reasonable roi chance.
Handshake is selling unregged domains in 5 different SLD's, like .bitcoin for about $160. Not a bad price. The few I selected were all available. I didn't bite though. Why? Where is the market? You buy and you get stuck with. Not exactly the qualities needed by a domain trader. Most want liquidity. something.bitcoin isn't the most desirable domain. IMHO.

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