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analysis Psychic domainers: What's the next big hype?



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Before 99% of the world cared about NFTs, there were multiple posts with NFT domains on namepros last year..

Before majority of the ETH community adopted ENS domains, there were multiple threads on Namepros. Same with HNS..

Before the current crypto bull run, there were threads discussing Michael Saylor on Namepros, who as it seems influenced Elon Musk to buy BTC (publicly). So much juice in the crypto section on NP..

Not just on Namepros, but domaining twitter. I saw Andrew Rosener and other domainers tweet about bitclout. I ignored it, it mooned, I got in late which cost me potential gains. Same thing with Bored Apes, I saw domainers tweet about it even before it launched. I ignored it till I couldn't afford it..

I'd hate to miss the next hype.

What do y'all think is next? I think if we worked together, we could be at the forefront of the next big thing. Maybe a discord for this purpose..

I think cryptos will continue for sometime then will start fading out overtime but it will stay here. NFT is crazy business I don't understand why it exists and why ppl burning money on things with 0 value. I don't think NFT will be the future for anything important.

Whats next big things? Who knows. I think ppl will continue in creating new tradable online resources because it seems investing is shifting from real resources to digital resources.

Personally I dislike how things are going and I am convinced that this new realm of crypto currencies and NFTs is just big double bubble that will burst in near future.. because there is no real economic value behind these other than fake demand from all people trying to make money and get rich!!
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All jokes aside, y'all realise you could have made millions if you took advantage of the goldmine in the Namepros crypto section, researched a bit and gotten involved early with some of the tech..

Instead most of us here are blinded by peanut gains that domaining offers and are willing to waste our money hand regging bullshit that'll almost never sell..

I mean to show how dumb af some of us are, I hand regged like 50 Crypto/NFT + keyword domains in January/February. None have sold. Same money invested in NFTs around that time if I bothered to research would be millions..

Didn't even buy my first NFT till July. 6 months too late..

And I'm not the only idiot domainer doing this..


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I don't know what the next big thing is, but I hope its not just for pump and dump, I hope whatever it is is a legitimate progress for humanity and puts us leaps and bounds into the future, something worth putting your money into. I dunno, my guess would be something medical related, I hear microchips make good filters for blood and CRISPR and other similar techniques will change the world I think, truly "big", but as far as pump and dump goes, I don't know, its best to diversify and lay small traps here and there. Vintage and Retro stuff are always a good bet too, im my experience anyways.


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Whatever it is this forum is about domains and domaining. If I want to gamble I go to a casino not OpenSeas 🙃 and to the OP you regged a bunch of NFT domains 7 to 8 months ago and they haven’t sold? Who told you domains routinely sell in the first year?

Best not to chase fads, hype or have burning fomo. There is no get rich quick. It takes money to make money no matter what next effin thing presents itself. Very few of those NFTS will survive let alone hit the bigtime. The only thing I care about here is domain sales.

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Mind Link Up .com
Brain Link Up .com
Meta Link Up .com
Neural Link Up .com

I registered the above domain names because I believed that people's brains would be able to link up with one another (and with AI) in the near future in a way that we might not need to communicate through talking anymore.

The very voices that might seem psychic in hindsight, could sometimes, in some ways be viewed as creators of those trends, sometimes influenced only by their proclaiming it. We live in an wild new time when memes and collective social belief + action can completely redefine what's important and how that translates into tangible monetary value. Remember GameStop? It's share price still sits at $175 today.. vs. $9 this time last year. Did they invent some super revolutionary new product? No, people posted memes and started a trend others believed in and took part in. Now more then ever its important to pay attention to these trends and who is saying what, no matter how wild. Even the craziest of ideas might just explode overnight.
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