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Probably done with "domaining", I suck...



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I have most of my domains listed on Dan, Epik, GoDaddy, and Afternic, I've never made a sale on any of those platforms, well, I did for $100 once but I had sold the domain + 2 other matching ones all for their reg value 2-3 days prior -_-

I get many complements on my domains and my ability to find good hand regs upon request, I was making $100 sales and was doing good at getting my money back for the ones I started with, but the past couple months I've not had any bites, not a buyer in sight, due to the markets and inflation I presume, but still, I feel like I'm holding on for a fantasy sale that will never happen, even a low $xxx offer would give me some hope. So far, this journey has given me a small profit, but with much research, and take a lot of time... Just not sure if things are balancing out.

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I appreciate the info I've learned here, and it will help me in the future. I'm not sure about my decision on this one but I am sure about downsizing my portfolio because I am focused on other things now.

I've made some money but not enough to sustain this journey, not in this economy. Still keeping a lot, just letting go of many right now.

I believe a lot of frustration comes from unrealistic expectations (common in any endeavour) and the comparison with others. When you study and read (as suggested by virtually everyone in domaining) it can be easy to compare your results to someone else's and try to find some shortcut/hack that replicate their results.
If it were as straightforward as that, everyone would be making Rick Schwartz/other experienced domainer money (and he had to wait years before selling his names for millions).
One of my LLLL .com names took 15 years to reach a $40k deal. It required a lot of patience, faith, and a little bit of luck. Ultimately, like any other products or services people sell, ask: Who is the customer and why would someone be willing to pay a premium for the domain name?