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negotiable Premium Web3, DAO, DeFi, Misc Domains - Taking Offers 24 Hours Only [2L, 3L + more] -

Domains I would especially feel sad letting go: | Highly in demand. Received numerous inquiries, which I did not take at the time. | Premium domain approved on Squadhelp. | Excellent for dApp coding learning platform. | Great domain for URL shortener sites.

The following domains were obtained with an idea in mind to create a network of sites related to DAOs. Fun brandable theme. (where DAOs are created) (DAO jobs / bounties listings) (tooling and resources for DAOs) (D2D collaboration tools)

Misc Domains | NGO domain, only express interest if you plan to be using it for non-profit purposes. | DAO List | Common terminology for node operators | Play on the words decentralized + aggregation + finance | BTT Chain Domains | Received many inquiries about this domain as well. | D3 is a term often used in the blockchain space. | See above.
대한민국.net | "Republic of Korea" in Korean. | Self-explanatory

It's going to be super hard to let some of these go, as I planned to hold long term / develop them. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I will be considering all offers as an emergency fundraiser for someone dear to me. Due to the time urgency, I will have no interest in selling them for an extreme discount. They're all on, but willing to use other escrow if you wish. But remember, time is an important factor for me atm.

Honestly, make a somewhat reasonable offer for any of the domains and I will probably seriously consider it. Willing to sell up to 75% off the prices I initially set targets for.

Next 24 hours only -- time sensitive personal issue. Most domains are newly renewed or have a good amount of time left, but please double check. Posting this in a rush, gotta head off to the hospital. I'll try to respond to queries ASAP.

(Feel free to make offers below $500; the top ones I wouldn't let go to less than $500 though.
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The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros. - SH approved for over $2700K, will let it go for $420 next two hours only.

26 on shortlist, with a rate of 17.81%.
Last edited: AND for $500, offer only available for next 6 hours.
All sales will be ending in 4 hours. Thanks for those that PMed with interest. Unfortunately nothing went through, but it's definitely good to be back @ namepros!
Thread back open for offers! Looking to raise ~$600 today, so open to any reasonable and unreasonable offers lol.