discuss Posting Domain Sales -- When Is It OK?

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Domain sellers are invited to post their completed sales on NamePro in that specific thread. The question is, though when is it OK to list them?
What if the the sale is through one of the large marketplaces, such as Afternic or Sedo? Getting permission from the buyer directly is not usually possible. I've asked customer service on each marketplace, and they didn't seem to have an issue with this. But if don't really know if the buyer is OK with it, do you proceed anyhow?
Likewise, if it is a private sale, unless there is a specific privacy agreement in the contract, do you go ahead a post without explicit permission? Did you ever get a buyer's"dander up" because you put the information up?
Feel free to share your insights, opinions, and experiences.
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They might already have that. When Amazon asks sellers to provide wholesale invoices, there have been people on the seller forums who have complained that Amazon's fraud detection caught something on their PDF or JPG files.

But whether or not Namebio has something similar. I think it's safe to say they are not coming here to add reported sales to their website. :)