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Awesome, congrats to the Bun! Hands down one of the best registrars on the planet. And MAD, watcha mean their UI.. it is superb!

In todays world it seems nothing too good ever lasts and Porkbun is like that special eatery you hope not too many people find out about... they came in with class and continue to serve top-notch facilities even with growth.
MAD, watcha mean their UI.. it is superb!
Tiny weenie text and elements. A repetitive interface with the same buttons over and over again for each domain. Could have been a lot simpler and more functional if laid out nicely. Pointless buttons like the digimaflip... Almost identical icons all the way down.

I'm not complaining, I LOVE their service. But the main domain management interface needs a lick of paint imho.
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