Please Help Eric Lyon He lost everything in the Houston Flood.

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    Wishing you and your family @Eric Lyon all the best ,A blessing that you and your family are safe
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    I'm sure to say that the recovery effort seems overwhelming is an understatement at the least, but just keep on truckin' brother.
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    It is a process, but a Blessing that you're all ok! Still sucks to even have to deal with all that, but please know you're not alone, we're here for you if you need anything, continuing to pray for you guys through it all.
  4. Update: The gutting of the house has begun.

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    I can only imagine that sight must bring you very mixed emotions. But like they say, "Keep on keepin' on!"
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    Pretty impressive that they can get started so soon.
  7. Thanks for the additional kind words everyone.

    We're pushing through it as fast as we can and trying to avoid delays. It's required constant communication with multiple agencies, a construction crew, and other individuals and companies involved to keep the ball moving so it's doesn't drop.

    Still a long road ahead, but we are making progress. ;)
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    it must take quite an effort to get anything done so soon when thousands of families are in the same situation. Good luck with everything Eric!
  9. It does! If you don't stay on-top of FEMA, Insurance, Construction crews, etc. they tend to dilly dally. We'll be full time managing everything for a while. Long days, very tiring.

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    This all seems so surreal if you are at the other side of the planet and not affected.
    Nevertheless I am aware of the fact that every ones life can change at any time drastically and that I could be the next one who is in such (or a similar) situation, no matter how the current situation look.

    @Eric Lyon I wish you(r family) and all those which are going through this or any other heavy, extraordinary experience, all the best.


    I am convinced, that THE CREATOR OF EXISTENCE helps every individual (in an individually, not necessarily comprehensible way) who is seeking HIS help.
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    Scary sight to see! But at the end of it all, you will all be safe and sound, and in a BRAND NEW house! You can't change what happened, but you can look forward to a fresh new start.
  12. BigBoyDog

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    Hello Everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for your giving and it was really awesome to see the domain community pull together to help Eric and his lovey family. I will be closing this campaign today and you can continue to give to Eric because he has a long way to go before everything gets back to normal. Please send any donations direct to Eric Lyon PAYPAL is [email protected] . THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!
  13. Jman92

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    and thank you for taking the initiative.
  14. usernamex

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    Thank you again @BigBoyDog - you are a rock star!

    Special thanks to everyone who changed their Sig Lines - we can keep the link to this thread and remove the link to the GoFundMe page
    @Cyberian @Chris Wright @Joe Styler @johname @James Iles - If anyone notices others I missed, kindly let them know : smile :

    @Amanda and @Eric Lyon - you are in my thoughts daily. Your positive attitude is truly an inspiration : hugs :
  15. oberheimer

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    I'm to late :(
    I hope he is ok. I will send him a message.
    I just saw that you can still donate with his PayPal
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  16. IDNKing

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    You still can send money through paypal
    its a time to give something back
    Eric and Amanda deserve much much more from us for the hard work that help our community be safe
  17. Kenny

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    Good to see you @oberheimer.

    I'm sure Eric and Amanda appreciate your concern.

  18. drk_78

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    Hi Eric & Amanda,

    How are you guys doing? Back on track?
  19. It would be nice if everything could get back on track that fast. Sadly, this type of devastation takes months/years to recover from. Our house has been gutted to the frame and floors ripped out to the foundation now. They are going to be treated when everything drys and then they have to sit to dry again. There's one house ahead of ours in the rebuilding process with the construction company we are using, so that puts ours in the 4 to 6-month ball park before it's ready to move back in. Our vehicles were totaled (Currently using a rental car) and it will take a while before we find another vehicle that works for our needs and wasn't flooded (People & dealers are trying to sell flooded vehicles, so it's hard to trust the sources around here). All our belongings (Furniture, clothes, appliances, etc.) were destroyed and it will take years to get back to where we were. Even then, all our grand parents/great grand parents things that can never be replaced were lost forever.

    It's a slow process and we are taking it one day at a time, pushing forward. We'll get there. :) ;)
  20. alcy

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    I think many people in your area will use such events to restart and rebuild elsewhere. usa is so huge to pick from. and a lot of it is nearly 100% risk free zones too. gl!
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    Hi @Eric Lyon, Just sent you some funds. You are welcome.
  22. Update: I just wanted to provide another update so everyone knows how things are going.

    The last 3 1/2 weeks looking for another vehicle (Since ours were totaled in the flood) was pretty nerve-racking. We ran into the following issues:
    • The first week, all rental companies were sold out and we were price gouged when we finally found one available.
    • In week 2, we finally got a rental car at a normal rate and went car shopping.
    • The majority of cash cars in our budget range were already sold by then to the other 90% of Houstonians affected by the hurricane.
    • The cars we did find in our budget being sold by dealerships (Because we thought they could be trusted more than individual listings) were flooded vehicles being sold as is. Many of them went to great lengths to clean the vehicles up to avoid flood damage detection.
    • 2 Days ago we finally found a reputable dealer and invested in a 2008 Mazda 6. It was a good cash deal, even though it may need new motor mounts and a strut. With repairs, for what we paid, it will still be below blue book value.
    • The rental was returned and we are now moving forward with the next phase of recovery now that we have our own transportation again.
    • Our auto insurance company gave us a hard time because we canceled our flooded vehicle policies, so we switched to a better company (AAA auto ins. and AAA roadside assistance).
    • Red Cross was a Joke, we applied for assistance from them and it's been nothing but tail chasing ever since.
    • We are still staying temporarily with my brother-inlaw since we can't really afford a rental at the moment on our budget. We want to make sure that we can stretch our funds as far as we can and make smart choices when spending.
    • FEMA has helped a little along with the Domain community (Huge thanks to everyone that sprung into action to help), however, while the assistance is helping us get through this, the funds still don't come close to what rebuilding the house, vehicle, belongings, etc. would cost. Because of this, we are looking into alternative recovery and living options.
    I'll update again once we hammer out which of the options we decide to push forward with that will determine our future and living situation.
  23. Hemanttilotia

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    Don't worry Eric. This time too will pass. I hope you get the things back in order.
  24. usernamex

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    PS remember to use paypal Friends & Family so there are no fees : wink :

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  25. Update: I just wanted to give another update.
    • All the trash/belongings/sheetrock/etc. that was in front of the house and on the curb from gutting everything out of the house has finally been cleaned up by the city in our neighborhood.
    • The house itself is sitting to dry still and stripped down to the wood frames inside.
    • After an inspection yesterday we discovered that the flood caused a shift in the ground under the house and the foundation has cracked in 4 places. This type damage shoots the repair costs 5x higher than before, which we already couldn't afford.
    • After lots of research, we've decided that the most cost-effective route to recovery and cost effect living so we can start saving money to get back on our feet again is to find a cheap motorhome and become the residence of an RV park. RV parks run between $250 to $600 per month and generally include all utilities (Water, sewage, electric, cable, wifi, etc.). Some parks require electric to be metered and paid separately. The less bills we have, the faster we can save.
    • After a week of searching for a motorhome and inspecting several we are finding that the ones in our budget range have either been flooded with water damage, the generator doesn't work, the fridge doesn't work, has mechanical issues, or they are sold before we can get to them.
    • We are hoping that the stars align and we are able to find the perfect rig for our family (Amanda, our 20-month-old, and me) sooner than later.
    • While this may seem like a drastic move to some, it's literally our best option at this point in recovery for affordable shelter.
    • Like with many things in life, I like to turn lemons into lemonade and focus on the bright side. The bright side from this move (Once/if we can find a reliable rig) is that we'll be able to travel more, attend more conferences, and meet up with more people in our industry in person. RV parks are all over the country and vary in rates like I outlined above, making it more affordable to do that.
    • Our 20 month old son still has a couple years before he's school age, so this won't affect his education this early in his life and may actually help teach him culture and history first hand instead of out of a book since we'll be able to take him to historical sites and monuments.
    Cross your fingers for us that we can eventually find an affordable motorhome to call home for a while.

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