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About me: I am still just a beginner in this industry (around 28 days), so I was not aware of this scam that I'm about to share with you. Some of the experienced domainers are aware about this scam, but I still feel that I should create this thread for the new comers in the industry...

This started at 15th Nov 2019.

At 6:35 A.M (IST)

I received this email below

Screenshot (309).png

And I was ecstatic, to say the least! Waking up to this email (as you can imagine) was the best feeling for me.
So after I calming down I sent this
Screenshot (310).png

And waited, as I was waiting; I was preparing myself for the deal to happen. Since this was my first one (Or that's what I thought)
After waiting several hours I got this email
Screenshot (311).png

After reading the email several times I noticed one thing which bothered me, She says her name is "Liza Eung" but her signature says "Elizabeth Eung". At this point I was 60% sure that this email was a scam, but I still kept my hopes up (Silly me).
As soon as I join her telegram group, I see the previous chat. These domain owners thanking the "Domain Broker" for helping them selling their domains at such high prices. (PS the screenshots are not in order)

2a811c70-b12c-4e7b-8e3f-104502d6ef31.jpg 12e84b46-6e46-4425-b9ab-677c672d5390.jpg 0be8b93b-0e30-4f50-aab7-75fca5c052d9.jpg 5f75c92e-8118-4f59-9ea9-99e3f24a6178.jpg

By that time even the namepros community warned me to check if the email was a scam or not (Which I am really grateful for)

The domain:, I decided to check it on ICANN, and found out it was registered on 20/10/2019!!!
Now I was convinced that this was a scam. And this guy named patrick confirmed it for me that this was a scam.

The main aim of the scam is to trick you into getting a certificate so that it does not violate any trademark rules from

Screenshot (312).png

I really hope the new comers see this, learn from this and hopefully don't get scammed.

Please read this article --> ARTICLE
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Its old trick to cheat on new domainers. He tried to scam you and you busted him! great job. (y)(y)
once they talk about something like "trademark infringement verification" or "trademark infringement certificate", then it is a scam.

Anyone can search for trademarks online, there is no need for any kind of "certificate".
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Yup! Got the same one a couple weeks back. Gotta keep your head up and not let it deter you!
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