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    Hi Name Pros,

    I am currently using to park my domains because I think their 'For Sale' landing page is best in industry (their servers are super slow so delayed load times FOR SURE sway away some possible leads/sales but thats a different story...); anyway, I have some domains that are getting decent type-in traffic for being fresh hand-regged names. However, they dont have a way to monetize, do they? That said, here's my question...

    I know many 'domainers' take a look at statistics such as traffic and earnings etc. Am I limiting myself to buyers mainly seeking more of a brandable name by choosing and the traffic is a bonus. E.g., how important is the couple of bucks here and there I may be raking in if parked with others like Sedo etc?

    I ask because in one way, I feel that's landers (and monthly installments feature) may give me a better chance to flip the name. However, what about those who want to see performance such as traffic and revenue; does that make sense? Sedo and others are good like that but ALL others are wayyyyyy behind on their landers so I feel that I am losing potential buyers because of such outdated visuals or ease of use/buy now process.

    (got a couple of good ones, all feedback appreciated, apologies for my mediocre technicial writing skills)
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    I too am wrestling with this now. I use (and really like) vdoo for my parking but the revenue is about a tenth of what I would like for it to be...parking income just isn't what it used to be.

    For the last three days I have been crunching numbers and think it may be time to go to a 100% hard sales lander. The problem is the visitor data I would lose (and have come to rely upon) that will be lost if I do so. Vdoo has great resources for determining where and how the the visit comes from with little effort on my part required.

    I've been looking to create my own landers as those provided by most registrars either lack the ability to customize, are outdated for mobile or are too filled with their own promotional material and can be distracting (words of a recent visitor to a sales page, not mine).
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