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Also jumped on bandwagon , GameFi /// Agency in king & Auto // GameFi in King.

Game Finance term will be more of a b2b market ? , or maybe to retail investors eventually, will see in time.

for anyone wanting , GameFi // Investments in king seemed decent and is available.
or GameFi // Guys for cool brandable.

Good Luck All !


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I have brandable domain :
Hi - any thoughts on timescales for this so demand for domains increases. Are there any sales yet? Specifically p2e.....
I'm pretty bullish on P2E domains and have bought a few on the aftermarket so some on here have sold names. I think they are a very good investment but for the future as the metaverse matures a little and new keywords get more usage and footing. Demand wise I'm guessing 1-2 years to truly reap the benefits which is nothing in domaining to for great profit. Buy Now and hold.. simple model some will sell sooner. But I'm bullish.
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