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What is the best strategy for making a quick sale (low price) via outbounding?

Fixed price
-if auction , where.

Here is an auction idea, which may be ethical when done to big companies, to reach a fair price,
(and this way instead of sharks, middlemen, flippers, the actual owner of domain who makes all the effort, makes most of the money !) . Make the reserve , say 500, place a 50 offer yourself with 490 proxy bid,..
I mean, isn't such a thing better than placing a 500 fixed buy now price, For the buyer, no difference; for the seller, the seller would learn how far the buyer would go. So there is something to learn there. In fixed price case, you contact the buyer, there is no response, you can't even know whether they opened the email. It is too boring to wait.

I bet many people are doing such things, but are too shy to post it, and afraid of being critisized.
If I list a domain at Epik, or Namesilo, or Dynadot, with fixed low price, and invite companies, and provide convincing evidence by email, and on landing pages, will it work, or will people ignore it, because these are not Godaddy?

I don't like social sciences. But unfortunately domaining is mostly a social science (at least the outbounding part)..If you have 1M worth of domains bought for 10K, without outbounding, you may sell them for 10K before renewal and make no profit, but with outbounding you can turn it into 100K.
I was thinking my EQ was very low, but I realized it is above average, a few years ago. Bad thing about social sciences, it is difficult to make experiments. You make an experiment, people don't show a visible reaction, you learn nothing. In scome cases. or places, it can cause violence, and your logical explanation may not count. In the west, violence would be replaced by legal action mostly.
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