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What value would you put on the domain

Godaddy appraisal is $1067. I know Godaddy appraisals are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but who would agree/disagree with that value and why? What would you say the value of the domain is?
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First and foremost, Godaddy's appraisal service is arguably the worst and most misleading automated appraisal service out there. With a tendency to overvalue worthless domains and undervalue valuable domains, worse still: it never explains the appraisal process. I suspect it's designed to condition sales, because if people think unregistered domains are valuable then they'll register them, and if people think valuable domains are cheap they'll use Godaddy's domain broker service to try to acquire them. But the fact that a lot of unregistered domains are valued at over $1,000 speaks volumes of its reliability.

Compare that to something like Estibot that bases the value on sales of domains with the same extension, similar length, and similar search volumes. This means that Estibot is *somewhat* reliable for exact match domains arguably generic domains, but completely useless when dealing with brandables, abbreviations, numeric domains, etc.

To your questions at hand. Let's start off by looking at the pros and cons.

  • .com
  • Brandable (a play on the phrase "dazzling lights")
  • Alliteration
  • Aged
  • Too many syllables (brandables should be 3 syllables or fewer)
  • Too long (brandables should be 10 characters of fewer)
  • Very niche
  • No search volume (and no search velocity)
  • Only the .com and are taken.
  • The only other domain with this keyphrase is which redirects to another domain.
  • No backlinks
  • No history
To an end-user I'd say $XX. The biggest issue is that you might have to wait quite a while before that end-user shows up.

Personally, I wouldn't buy it (for any price) because there's a good chance the renewal fees will supersede the sales price if it ever ends up selling.
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It's a name that sounds like a Chinese food restaurant. So you could go that route. Other than that, it's limited.