OnlineDating/company (free: .social .business .faith)

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  1. s.g

    s.g Okay, you've cracked it. There is more to us...

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    Domains: OnlineDating/company, OnlineDating/social, OnlineDating/business, OnlineDating/faith
    Registrar: name.com
    Transfer: push (auth. code)
    Expiry: 22 Oct 2021 (all four of them)
    Renewal fees: nominal (around $3-29/yr per domain)
    Starting bid: $1
    Min. bid increase: $1
    BIN: n/a (or it will be posted later on)
    Payment methods: PayPal and Bitcoin (newly available), DAN, Epik, Escrow and other reputable providers (we'll sign up, please specify)
    Auction ends: 72 hours after the last bid


    The top three extensions are great but the .faith one represents a valuable and relatively underdeveloped niche. Particularly during these troubled times.

    Resell them or develop them (together or separately) and see where the dating industry will take you. Apparently these are keyword-friendly too. Your investment is therefore exceptionally safe, plus these domains are above average to start with.

    All four extensions will be provided with this package.

    Good luck and thanks to all fellow members of NP who have remained extremely patient with our team (especially with some s.g members) during these early weeks. We'll get there! :)
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