One word .io Domains - flashed, crushes, quized, resets, stopped, freedoms, producing .io

Labeled as domain in Domain Appraisal, started by jackson hoskins, Mar 26, 2020


  1. jackson hoskins

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    Any ideas for what these could be sold for wholesale? Are they worth submitting to brand bucket?

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    Interesting set of names. To me the best three are resets, freedoms and crushes. I can't answer your question, and you may already have done this, but here are the set of .io sales in NameBio in last 2 years that ended in s. By no means all are comparable, but some are and this may give you some idea of a pool of mixed wholesale and retails names. Here is list.

    Of the others I like flashed the best.

    For wholesale sale, there are not infrequently people on NamePros looking for single word .io, and you could try a few of them.

    Best wishes for them.

  3. jackson hoskins

    jackson hoskins Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I also forgot to mention my other domain, which isn't one word. which might be a little more valuable, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

    Thanks a lot for the input! If you change your search there to be limited to be $300+ I think you get a little more interesting range because the link you sent was the lowest 100, and consisted mostly of which is an expiring domain website which starts at $100 domains. This would be indicative of more so wholesale prices, but I would think the majority of mine would be worth at least a few hundred dollars if things like, and are selling for $350+ but I could be completely wrong as I am somewhat new to domaining, but I would love to know what you and others think.

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