One Word Domain Or .com Domain

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  1. sasadem

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    If You Get a Offer With One Word Domain In Other Extension and Also Get Same Word Domain With Mixed Words in .Com

    Which Domain You Choose ?
    Share Your Thoughts 🙂
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  2. Ategy

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    If you're asking which is better between:
    A) A one word
    B) A two word .com (that includes the same word as above)

    Then the answer is definitely "it depends".

    The answer can vary a lot depending the the other TLD .. as well as the other word. Anybody who gives you a definitive answer either way without knowing those specific details is only guessing and more than likely doesn't really understand domains.
  3. Internet.Domains

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    Great question!

    I am generally seeing two schools of thought, Old vs. New.

    The old school thought is .com all the way. Never deviate or stray from the .com.

    The new school of thought is to use one keyword with an extension that works well with the keyword. We are seeing this used with startups, particularly in the crypto industry.

    Which school is better?

    At this time the old school is probably a safer bet, although things can potentially shift at anytime. That is not to say there can be some gems in the new school, it's just to say sales are fewer and farther between with new school.

    One thing to note is you don't have to settle into only one school. You can go to both schools, although persecution can exist from the hardliners.
  4. getakash1

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    One word with a .com extension and if it is not available then i will go for .com extension.

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