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New members joining NamePros are often misled into thinking it's a selling platform. However, NamePros primarily serves as an invaluable platform for learning, discussing, and staying updated on the latest news within the domain industry. While having a super impressive domain name might attract potential buyers, it's important to note that expecting immediate success shortly after registering and joining the platform might not be a realistic approach.
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Please, please, please, stick with .com in the start.
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Yes many enter with a ton of bravado and leave when they realize we think their names suck or their name doesn’t sell here.

They aren’t here to learn. They think any old garbage name sells and that this is a place for a quick buck. 😅
I do agree and it does seem to be of a result of the larger Global membership. We appear to have a much larger percentage of members where English is at best fragmented. Yet they are trying to compete in a business model where English dominates. I blame DNJournal ;)

I bet Ron's viewing figures have gone through the roof over the years. It's probably the only source some use before jumping into domains. So reversing text of previous sales, inappropriate plurals etc, almost everything becomes incomprehensible, I feel truly sorry for those blind-sided into domains with no understanding of how the mechanics actually work.

Nothing you can do but, watch them come and go
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Newbies also have trendy extensions (marketing victims) and expect top dollar for it, or start auctions over the reg price, not gonna happen.

Also those looking for jobs, better stick to fivver or you will grow bitter.