new gtlds New GTLD sales released including “Gift.Cards” @ $250K

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Fakes sales.

Do you have any proof the sales are fake or are you just inciting your opinion ?

Andrew Allemann who is well respected in the industry reported the sales … and given the sales were undisclosed for considerable time and not straightaway, what has led you to believe the sales are fake ? Genuinely curious.
Don't sleep on .cards (& others, especially related to money/pay/finance)

It's a new world we're moving into and some of these extensions are overlooked but provide excellent exact match opportunities in emerging fields. Next gen business people are also more open to nGTLD names.

Just for the sake of conversation and giving relevant info, a few months back I was able to sell for $1350 and sold another four letter .cards for $700 about a year and a half ago. I dont hold many, but the extension has already been profitable for me, and the names I still hold in this extension get me pretty jacked when I think of the potential in the near future.

Also, I just want to put out there, that I dont know what the deal is with Sedo/Namebio but I'll break the news to you that many new gtld sales are not reported like other sales are. Straight up not bullshitting, and I can prove it.
Most of the talk of "fake sales" are wrong, its actually the opposite and new gtld sales go unreported when they very well should be. Some sales do end up being eventually listed but are well after the fact and never end up showing up in any highlight when they could and should have.

I'll prove it if anyone is actually open to the reality.
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I don't think its a fake sale because the word "gift" matches the extentions “cards” perfectly.

You can see the shotscreen attached below

不可注册 means all taken in Chinese,that's ,all extentions both taken ,shotscreen extentions are just part of some extentions,it turns out the domain giftcards are quite valueable in a way.


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