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What will make you consider a new cryptocurrency ?! Do you go with the flow or you do your own homework and invest in what you truly believe in ? Are you also a fan of popular swaps or do you appreciate someone that has built one for their token ?!

It is really hard to get into the market with a brand new token, especially when you do not have thousands of dollars to put into it for marketing purposes.

Some guys just make it look easy, but behind the scenes there are lots of investors with deep pockets.

So what is $NVM ?

NVM began as an idea that everyone should be able to get in on this new and immersive technology that is cryptocurrency and the barrier for entry shouldn't be high. The token is the only way to pay for interaction with decentralized applications built by Nevermind tech.

What was built ?
- My own crypto swap with the benefit of having a fixed switch rate and 0 commissions , available at https://swap.nvm.xyz
- Domain registering platform with chrome extension to visit the websites and IPFS file hosting , available at https://uncensorabledomains.com >>> This is 99% done, as this week I will also upload the Chrome extension to the Chrome marketplace to be able to browse these domains.
Domains have the .un extension, as in uncensorable. Such example is get.un , the default IPFS link that a domain has when registered is : https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/Qmef4oDqcP8HHEPfGsZFGyBCXwuTcpEngeqvMxzhzAzKXC

In the making
- Token staking platform , I have wrote the contract, now I am just implementing it in React
- Some quick casino games like coin flip game to earn extra $NVM tokens

I am still thinking of applicability as this is a utility token and not a speculative token that people create without having any benefits, other than speculating the market.

What I am after
- I am looking for investors that would like to create something beautiful from scratch. At this moment I am the only one that works at this project, anything from development, to marketing, social media.

- https://nvm.xyz
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/nvmxyz

If you would like to help , drop a line to [email protected]

Thank you,
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