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  1. Gabriel R

    Gabriel R New Member

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    I am trying to sell my domains with no luck. Maybe I posted the buy it now price too high? I don't think so. If someone here can give me any tips. The domains I want to sell are Jupitertrip (dot)com and Venustrip ( dot)com. I think they are good. Also I tried contacting Elon Musk and Richard Branson with no luck. If someone can give an opinion? Thanks Gabriel
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  2. CraigD

    CraigD Top Contributor VIP

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    I don't think Elon or Richard would be interested.

    Elon wants to go to Mars.
    Richard just wants to go into orbit.

    It's not possible to even safely land on those two planets. One is a gas giant, the other a high pressure cooker.
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  3. Surender Singh

    Surender Singh

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    I like your confidence of contacting Elon & Richard with these names😂
  4. CraigD

    CraigD Top Contributor VIP

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    Just some ideas...

    You may have more luck selling to the sci-fi community.

    'Jupiter' is the name of the lost spaceship in the now rebooted 'Lost in Space' TV series. The Jupiter visited many alien worlds.

    Arthur C. Clarke's book 2010 was also set around Jupiter.
  5. bmugford

    bmugford PRO VIP ICA Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Come on man, Elon Musk and Richard Branson are not going to buy these domains.


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  6. NickB

    NickB it's a mystery VIP

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    You know what they say in Glengarry Glen Ross..........

    It takes Brass Balls to sell Real Estate Domains.......

    Like the attitude......
  7. Akhilesh.Kumar

    Akhilesh.Kumar Restricted (Market)

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    You approached Elon Musk and on the other hand you doubt the BIN price you mentioned may be little too high???
    I mean if you have that high confidence in your name that you directly approached someone who can buy any existing domain name in a minute, and with that confidence you think your price is little too high...

    Something is wrong. Either the confidence or the product.
    Think it over my friend.
    You will get the answer within you.
    God bless.
  8. jhm

    jhm Glazed

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    There's a reason why those engaged in space talk about Mars. The reason: Its the one within our solar system that has the best potential to be habitable. Venus is a hot hell, and Jupiter is mostly made of Hydrogen and Helium ...trying to land there isn't good (and again, hot temperatures)

    Nobody engaged in space travel are thinking about those places. In summary: They suck
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  9. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    Partly repeating what others said, but although space is definitely a growing area, the immediate space targets involving people potentially are returns to the moon and trips to Mars.

    Venus has been very challenging to land on with robotic spacecraft due to the high temperatures, due to runaway greenhouse effect, and highly acidic conditions, very high pressures, among other factors.

    While numerous unpeopled craft have gone by Jupiter, it can't have a landing due to it being a gas giant planet. The idea of sending people to any outer planet is many orders of magnitude more challenging than Mars, even if they did have surfaces.

    While I see others have priced Venus domain names high, and I think there is some chance of a sale of your or others names, I think the probability of a sale is small, probably no more than the typical 1 chance in 100 of selling less than a year.

    One issue with any two word name is usually there are many roughly equal alternatives. e.g. GoToVenus, VenusTrip, VenusVoyage, TourVenus, SeeVenus, GoVenus, etc.

    I imagine people like Elon Musk gets a ton of unsolicited domain queries. I think any time he wants a domain name he will go seeking it, like he did with Tesla. He knows domain names, spent a ton of cash and time to secure that name.

    Does anyone know if Musk has ever bought a multi-word domain name? I mean I guess in some sense SpaceX could be viewed as Space + X. Just curious.

    I know it is easy to feel impatient to get a sale, but most of the time names don't rapidly turn around unless they are a name without good alternatives with a ton of possible uses (mainly single word .com and perhaps .io and a few other TLDs).

    Not saying you should, but if you did decide to lower price by about a factor of 10 or a bit less the potential buyer pool would go up to possibly include reference, game, entertainment, writer, etc. sites, maybe.

    I see that V e n u s T r i p has been registered and deleted by 8 others in the past 21 years before the most recent hand reg. It means many saw value in name (good) but also many tried an did not sell it (bad, sort of). That said, I agree this is the best era to sell space names in quite some time.

    Best wishes for them,


    Not sure you still can, but might want to mask the two names but putting spaces (like I did) or dashes or something or an image so this thread will not show up in Google search.
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