Need Designer for WP "beautification." May be steady work.

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    I represent a business development group. We are looking for an EXCELLENT designer with wordpress skills. Basically, someone to go into our functional web builds and tweak things like fonts, colors, headers, footers, basic layout and graphics panels etc. to improve the sites visually... make our functional designs function AND beautiful. Some things about this position:

    1. We DO NOT require custom coding or child theme development. We prefer to work with stock control panel to streamline upgrading and reduce related issues.

    2. Work is primarily Avada Theme for Wordpress, and Shopify for stores.

    3. You will be responsible for working within control panels for changing colors, fonts, graphics, and basic layout potentially of pages, sidebars, headers, footers etc.

    4. Must be creative, original, and professional... have an excellent eye for color, fonts, page balance. We expect some direction from designer, and understand we are not experts in site aesthetics.

    5. Must accept Skrill payment. Also, be reasonable with per project fees as we're startup, but expect regular business if you are the right person.

    6. Must send portfolio link or examples of work.

    Thank you!
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  2. sachin tiwari

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    Hello dear..
    I understand what you want.
    If you're still looking for it ,I can do this .
    Let me know.

    Sachin Tiwari

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