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advice Need advice for using a broker



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Hello all, hope your all having a profitable start of the year 💸💪 I need advice! I have reached out to a broker who is interested in selling a domain or 2 for me but they want to know my price range... I am new to domaining so I would not 100% trust my own judgement.. I don't want them to reject brokering me if I give a price range which is too high but I also don't want to undersell their value! what is the best method here? do I ask for their opinion and go from there or give a range which may be the wrong choice?

any advice would be much appreciated!! especially from some vet domainers who have been in similar positions!!

many thanks in advance guys 😃
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If a broker knows a domain name and agrees to sell it, for sure it's a good idea to check with them what they think it realistically can be sold for, especially if they charge a %. And then also you can give your idea, and see what they think.
Unlikely anyone here can give you a price idea for the domain that you don't disclose...


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I wonder if all this writing is a product of your anxiety, perhaps? Set a brokerage terms,... AfterNic has terms like, 25% flat for sales less than 25,000... 1k+15%, beyond 25k etc....., Sign up an agreement this way before you ask your broker to sell your wares. And, do respect their work. As a sales guy, I have had a zillion mails sent all for nothing, expect my email servers blocked, while someone's property had a few thousand eyeballs. If you are not trusting yourselves to selling, put your trust somewhere and go,. But, do recognize their efforts, for they have spent time to bring you footfalls to your property location. Most brokers ask the domain to redirect to their page, or setup nameserver to point to their sites, and that is often a good practice like open house. Do post your domains publicly and mention your broker's contact # and emails on the site to connect, if you want to sell them fast. I wish you good luck. See you around.
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