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NamePros Staff
Welcome to the new NamePros in November!

Today marks the first step toward a lot of positive and exciting changes coming to NamePros. You'll notice that most of what you loved is still here, and we're working hard to bring back even more.

And that's only the beginning! We'll be bringing you regular updates, sometimes weekly, to add the features you've requested (please vote on features you want to see first!) and improve your experience.

Our mission is to build a thriving professional network around the best community – that's you! – where professionals can engage in civil discussions, ask questions, share advice, partner, transact, and succeed, all together.

We hope you'll have a look around, and let us know what you think!

All our best,

The NamePros Team


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Very true. I myself post or read less now. Much less. I was hoping that NP will try to fix at least:
- fonts
- remove unnecessary "Similar threads" (bottom)
- remove unnecessary sticky 1st post in each thread / each and every page
- (add) 3rd party addon to ignore forums or threads. There is at least one such addon publicly available.

Unfortunately, NP is now risking to remain basically with the following (posts which would appear regardless): For Sale threads, promo posts from registrars, bloggers promoting their blogs. Is it what NP exists for? To some extend, imo, it exists to make money from ads. Nothing wrong with it. It still shows ads (ads were migrated promptly). I can only wish best of luck to NP team, thanking all the team for providing a good place to communicate during years. Hope that $$$ amount earned from ads, as well as membership upgrades, would not decrease as the result of the upgrade.

agreed. I too post much less. I mean there is better and worse...this clearly is worse... I understand all about new looks.. evolving with times and all that..but sometimes u just gotta face reality and admit that change is not always guarantee.of better.. improved.. evolved etc...

it's just a simple fact of life... I guess np owners live in this fake reality of thinking there is no such thing as change for the worse.


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Now that the "New Posts" right column shows the last 6 New Posts and it is already nearly on the Top, now it only remains to make it work... :xf.grin: this is, now when you click a "New Post" that you want to see, it takes you to the first post of the Thread, instead of that New Post that you want to see (in case that you are clicking as a guest) or it takes you to the last read post (and this can be 10 pages before the "New Post" that you want to see, in case that you are already logged in as a member).
My two cents (y)
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need another color for bargain section.. unreadable on dark background here's an example:


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joking aside I don't know how the Mods can prevent all the malicious down votes (or all the undeserved up votes).

I'm pretty confused and have spent a long time going through the community section without being able to find clear answers, and I understand some changes have been made since the major update.

As of today:

Can we no longer see who "thanks" or "agrees" with our posts?

Can anyone upvote or downvote without anyone (other than mods) knowing who did what?


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Now that all the new Namepros design has sunk in I really like it. Everything is where I expect it to be. The absolute most important thing is that it functions on mobile phone. Which it does. I think without kissing arse we do need to show some gratitude to the developers who keep this incredible web site and community running. Can you imagine if Namepros didn't exist? Children would be born into a cold, icy world with howling wind blowing down empty streets lined with derelict dwellings surrounded by vast desertscapes void of all human life. Not going off on a tangent about missing the old chat and the insane brilliance of @forge. But I do miss the old chat, and I do miss the insane brilliance of forge. #saveforge
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Having the Thanks, Like, Agree, Disagree and Dislike buttons available (quite a few options to choose), I really don't see the reason for having also the hidden positive or negative votes.
Now some people can keep voting you negative all the time and you simply don't know who are they, so basically you cannot give them back the "greetings".
Maybe the hidden votes can work in sites where guests can vote, but I really don't see the point at Namepros.
Just my two cents...
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For the keeping of NamePros' preeminence that has really come from many years' devoted efforts and contributions by the NamePros Team and the NamePros Community members, I'd like to say it again regarding the new Namepros theme and the new Namepros site, with the following:

Being a long-time visitor and user on the Namepros.com website and a long-time webmaster, I am very sorry to see the traditional, preeminent Namepros Theme has been gone. It is like my online domain home disappears.

Generally, the traditional, preeminent Namepros Theme is much, much and much better than the new Namepros Theme.

I feel disturbed by the unwise switch of the Namepros themes. Why switch to the Namepros theme that is comparatively much worse than the traditional, preeminent Namepros Theme???

Why bother about changing to the new Namepros theme??? Expecting to keep existing domain business people and attract more people to come??? No, things will not come in this way. Let's be frank, discerning and judging properly as to what are true and right for Namepros in the long run. I'm afraid the Namepros new theme and the Namepros new website will be resulting in starting losing existing domain business people and their activities on the Namepros website, and resulting in attracting less new people to come.

The Traditional, Preeminent Namepros Theme together with the Traditional, Preeminent Namepros Website is the many-years' fine brewed wine that is preeminent.

The New Namepros Theme together with the New Namepros Website is just a newly brewed wine with some mixed debris.

The Traditional, Preeminent Namepros Theme is Unique and Great.

The New Namepros Theme is Not Unique and Not Great. This kind of similar website themes are often seen on the Internet. More and more similar themes are made or reproduced by computer geeks who are not really creative and not really professional, don't care about traditional beauty and just make new, actually low-quality designs that are often similar to some other websites' designs on the Internet. We have seen some companies' websites have suffered from this kind of computer geeks whose work has eventually damaged the traditional beauty and the original high-quality website designs on those companies' websites over the years. We sincerely hope this mistake does not take place here, again.

Why wasting time, human labor and cost for changing to the generally much worse new-theme Namepros new website???

Make no sense at all for changing to the new Namepros theme, especially if the comparatively much worse new Namepros theme is made by a third party.

Sincerely expect the traditional, preeminent Namepros-Theme website, our domain home, will come back soon.

Best wishes to Namepros!
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Sincerely expect the traditional, preeminent Namepros-Theme website, our domain home, will come back soon.
I highly doubt that, but your post speaks volumes on what I'm sure are the sentiments of many, myself included; the old Namepros: we didn't know what we were missing until it was gone. It was truly a classic, genuine feel.
The Namepros new theme and the Namepros new website will be resulting in starting losing existing domain business people and their activities on the Namepros website, and resulting in attracting less new people to come and participate.

It is very sad for the Namepros Community.
I have no problem with theme.
Huge font gives me a headache.
Killing the chat room with no notice, making it a thread so now we can like and agree with chat posts was more damaging. More than owners of namepros thinks.
If you think its the theme thats causing people to use namepros less, i would have to disagree.
Looking at the board and in the chatroom thread, there is definitely less meat on the bone.
Would namepros staff give us an update on when the fast and lively chat thread will be a chat room again?

Killing the hidden like or dislike arrows would improve the site i am sure. No one likes to post, lose impact posts by someone änonymouš
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