Namebright - 2-FA problem my domains are in under risk

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I can't login to my namebright account. I have requested several times for seven digit confirmation code to the my phone number, but no success.

When I contacted with [email protected] they said that:


Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed by the region you reside in there is a chance you may be unable to receive the 2-factor authorization text message or phone call required to utilize this functionality on NameBright.com.

If you have been unsuccessful after multiple attempts to access your account because you are unable to receive this verification code, you may be required to complete an account recovery document that will enable our security team to remove the 2-factor authorization from your account.

Due to the restrictions of your region, there is nothing we are able to do to ensure you may receive the authorization message consistently as there are regulation imposed on how and when they may be delivered. Please let us know if you would like to proceed with completing the Account Recovery form to have 2-factor authorization removed from your account.

Thank you,

NameBright Support

Support team attached the "NameBright-Two-Factor-Auth-Recovery-Form.pdf" but they said that "the document must notarized or have them witnessed by a licensed attorney."

I have contacted the a few notarizers in US, they said that "You have U.S. Social Security Number and Residency"

The attorney is said that "You must be in USA to proceed this."

I am a International customer not an US customer or citizen.

My account and domain contact information at Namebright (address, name, phone etc.) is real.

My domains are already unlocked and ready the transfer, is there any way transfer the domains to another registrar?

P.S. I have contacted with administrative email address and requested the AUTH-CODES to administrative or registrants email, but replied with same response "NameBright-Two-Factor-Auth-Recovery-Form.pdf" will be notarized first.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Accept apologies for my very bad English.
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