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information My First Year Back Into Domaining (2021 Review)

So today marks the end of my first full year back into domaining after about a 10-11 year hiatus (actually started up again with some 2020 Black Friday specials).

It took me about a month to buy some new domains, understand how the marketplaces had evolved since 2008 etc.

By the end of 2020 I started listing everywhere, bought some on NP, got better with Expired Domains dot Net

Goal was to make enough sales to support my annual renewals: FAIL

I had 4 sales over 2021 on a portfolio averaging about 120 names. Two passive sales on Afternic, One sale on Sedo's 4 letter auction special, and one NameLiquidate Sale.

Sales ranged from (gross) $699 down to $98. I netted about $1,020 (I'm rounding).

The Good:
I made 4 sales and while I wish they were all 'passive' Afternic sales and larger, at least I made 4 sales.

The Bad:
This did not cover my renewals for those names I decided to keep ( I keep them all t GoDaddy for convenience and know I could prob renew elsewhere cheaper).

While I did not expect to make enough to cover purchases plus renewals, I was hoping to cover renewals, which I did not.

To be continued...

Of my 4 sales

2 sales were hand regs (sales of $699, $98)
1 sale was a GD closeout ( sale of $399)
1 sale was a 4 letter .com bought right here on NP for $118. Ironically after Sedo's commission I netted exactly $118 on this sale.

So, maybe I should focus more on hand regs in 2022???

This first year back was way harder than I thought it would be. I was very surprised that I only had 1 Name Liquidate sale ($98) out of about 15 names that I plann.v ed to drop/drop, despite allowing most names to drop to the minimum of $9. I thought surely MY names would be worth $9 to someone!

Will continue with plans for 2022, but the renewals hitting me now are kinda painful (I'm not gonna lie), even with the rougly 1k cushion from my 2021 sales....

Researching the
Researching the domains I plan to buy (if any) in 2022 will take more of my time.

I feel many of my 2021 buys were somewhat impulsive, or at least, not as thoroughly researched as they could have been.

I started doing this in the second half of 2021 and feel that names I purchasef late 2021 were of a much higger qualitu (but onky time/sales) will tell.

Domain portfolio is, roughly, 130 names ATM, but I cannot really afford to add anymore without some sales.

Not having even one 4-figure sale hurt (a lot)... lol

I will really have to see hiw 2022 goes before making any decisions, but I will not be adding to my portfolio until or unkess something changes.

Good luck in 2022 everyone!!
You're really good at writing. Ever considered becoming a writer and developing your domain names into profitable websites? The internet really needs more people like you mate.
I assume you are teasing me because if all my typos, lol...

Anyway, I have a small phone and there is a bug on NP (I cannot close the blue Enable Push Notifications) bar at the bottom of the screen anymore and it covers up the text.
You said.... "had 4 sales over 2021 on a portfolio averaging about 120 names. "
It´s about 3,3% sales for your total portfolio per year. I think this is a very good notice.
Only need to focus in buy better domains.

I would sign right now to have 3,3% sales every year for total portfolio.
Thanks all for your replies and encouragement!. Yes, 4 sales aren't bad on my relatively small portfolio.

But 2 of them were a Liquidation Sale for $95 (profitable since it was a hand-reg), and a 4-letter COM, which was exactly break even after commission.

Your paying 100% more for renewals @ godaddy, even when buy with a coupon for $5.

move your names to a less expensive registrar, to reduce overhead
ask more money for your names, to increase roi
utilize ppc to potentially increase earnings.

Hi Biggie. All good suggestions...

I have most names at GD for convenience and I may haveto start thinking about moving them if I cant earn enough to cover next years renewals.

My asking prices vary quite widely to (hopefully) achieve a good mix of cash flow with the possibility of a home run or two.

Thank you!
Forgot to mention. I do some PPC.

About 5 names out of my roughly 130 or so that I have now, earn me some monthly revenue.

It's anywhere from $4 - $7 per month. Not much but pays for a few names per year.

I start all my names out at PPC, but the ones that never earn a cent after about 3, 4 months get landing pages.....