Moving domain to another registrar with name servers on subdomains

I need to move domain name mydomain.ext (for example) to another registrar. The problem is that there are name servers
ns1.mydomain.ext and ns1.mydomain.ext on this domain. And NS record of mydomain.ext is on these name servers.
There are also NS records of other domains on these name servers. I am not sure that these name servers will work correctly if I symply move the domain to another registrar. Should I do something else for these name servers to work?
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It's much more efficient (and more likely you'll get the correct answer) if you contact the registrar's tech prior to transferring the domain to them.

Try various registrars, see who best suits your needs/have good support, etc. and then you move over.

If you want to be absolutely sure that what they claim will work, create the same setup on a dummy domain, move that over first and see what happens.

imo, you'll get way better results that way than taking advice from random people on a forum


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They should be working correctly as moving the domain will leave those registered nameservers intact.

However, you could run into issues lateron as your new registrar may not be able to update/change/edit them so best to ask them in advance like @Hypersot mentioned.


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Find out if the registrar you want to move to supports custom nameservers first. Also want to check on DNS hosting. The registrar may support custom nameservers but not serve the DNS for them.

For a flawless transition you want the new registrar to be able to immediately assign the old records so they are in place upon transfer completion. Similar to how Cloudflare does it.

imo, you'll get way better results that way than taking advice from random people on a forum

Soo.. should he take your advice? :P