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Is there a minimum buy now price that needs to be set for domains to show up on the afternic distribution network?
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Afternic 2.0 'reviving on twitter i don't know personally their minimum policies as of now but not too long ago was up to 25k each fast transfer and a domain i could not fathom of ones to renew last year got an afternic rep email he brokered it from 25k to 16k i accepted passive income awaiting (my. Nba nfts) more than coulda imagined!!


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i think the minimum bin you can set is $50. any bin that they will let you set will be good for fast transfer if the domain is with a fast transfer partner and the right extension,
com, .co, .net, .biz, .org, .pw, .de, and .info only. also they cannot be under a 60 day lock or be within 30 days of expiration.
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