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Hey all figured with the recent .io 6 figure sale and the nice .xyz sale by a follow NP member. We should open a showcase and discussion thread here.

Metaverse is a fast growing keyword, term and niche! Let's share and discuss our name and news.

I've only got One to start with but its a GOOD one my favorite ending keyword on most names.

Welcome! :)
Just a random thought but could metaverse based casinos become to be known as Metasinos? If so as well as are available to reg if anyone else is as crazy as me. :xf.laugh:

See for an example of a metaverse based casino.

Just thinking ahead..


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Well written. The metaverse is an open network... in fact it is the ultimate open network! The author did a really good job on what it is and isn't. Thanks for the share.

Agreed. Most articles read like the authors are just pulling wild and random ideas from their imagination of what could happen in a virtual space.

And I agree with the author that it’ll just be “the” metaverse. The thought of multiple metaverses (or e.g. multi- and omniverses) being a layer outside of “the” metaverse is sort of backwards: all of those virtual spaces would exist in the metaverse.
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