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Me & GoDaddy & Huge Domains Triangle



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Actually this was one of the subjects that i would hide, but after noticing another member's thread dealing with registrar's troubleshoot, i just wanted to release it to public as domaining industry, specially, big boys needs to tidy up themselves.

On the middle of the March 2022, after Nokta Domains sold their almost portfolio to Huge Domains, one domain got my attention.

When i browse the name, it was redirecting to Huge Domains landing page and price was around $2K.

Then, i wonder about the GoDaddy side as i know they have partnership on GoDaddy Auctions.

Price was fixed as $895 within allowing offers.

Just wanted to try my luck and made an offer for $500 and then they countered the offer for the fixed price again.

But, cos' of the time zone difference, i noticed the counter offer after 12 hours via the e-mail message sent from GoDaddy.

I tried to accept the offer, but then faced with a warning message as my offer wasn't equal to the minimum offer seller has put.

Wonder why? Because they have update the pricing!

I created many tickets, join many live chats within GoDaddy support, and also around 1,5 hours call with local GoDaddy representative.

As a result, on the last live chat, i learned that Huge Domains didn't want to sell the name below the new price they've arranged.

Also, the representative didn't respond to my emails any more.

So, whose problem was that?

If it was a wrong listing then i would understood, but they made a counter offer first.

Here're some screenshots that can help you to learn the issue easily. (You should begin from the last)

You'll see that GoDaddy has tried to gain time as giving me directions as browser issues etc.



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