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Hi Domainers!

I'm Jaga, for the past few months I have been building, A one of a kind marketplace for buying and selling domain names through Lossless lotteries.

I have a feeling that a lot of premium domain names are hard to get for someone new or for someone with low funds. I wanted a platform where one has the possibility of getting a good domain name for low cost while selling the name for it's full worth.

Through lotteries, say for example, seller of a premium domain name can list his domain for $xxx,xxx and interested buyers can bet on the domain name by buying ticket(s) for the lottery. When lottery is drawn and a winner is chosen, domain name is transferred to the winner and amount is transferred to seller.

The winner can go home felling happy that he won a name worth $xxx,xxx for $0.20. The seller can be happy for his 5 figure sale.

Now what about the people who lost their bet amount!?

One may spend up to $1,000 (or more) buying tickets for a lot of lotteries and still not win any, that would be a bad way to spend his/her money. At we address this issue by creating a staking program (and working on more 'loser' friendly games in near future).

Free betting:
Staking a principle amount would earn you 15% stable yields. The earned yield can be used to place bets and you can withdraw your full principle amount anytime. so, you don't bet with the money from your pocket and still get a chance to win premium domain names, in this case, for FREE!

Guaranteed Win:
All the lotteries at has a guarantee amount, that will be sent to the winner in case of any cancellation of lottery and bettors can withdraw their bet amount. This is to ensure spam prevention and to avoid keeping bet funds idle for nothing in return.
There is always something to be won in all lotteries!

For sellers:

🗸 0% sale commission.
🗸 Free listing.
🗸 Stable coin, xDai is the cryptocurrency used. It's value is always equal to 1 USD. This means no fear of market volatility.
🗸 Instant money transfer (as all transactions are using cryptocurrency).
🗸 seamlessly convert your crypto to fiat currencies and vice versa.

For Buyers:
🗸 Guaranteed win for all lotteries.
🗸 Fair game through blockchain randomness.
🗸 All bet transactions are public on the blockchain.
🗸 Staking program to earn passive yield rewards, thanks to DEFI.
🗸 Lowest ticket price, Currently $0.20 + $0.01 LottoNom fee per ticket.

Gambling risks - Addressed through staking program
🗸 Cryptocurrency regulations in countries
🗸 Uncertain results in lotteries
🗸 Cryptocurrency transaction fees - Currently it costs less than a cent per transaction. Transaction fee sponsoring by Lottonom is coming soon.

Who is this marketplace for?

This marketplace is mainly created for domainers who are always looking to include premium domain names to their portfolio at lower prices and it is a good platform for a quick sell.

It is not for someone who need to be sure of getting a domain name as the results of the lottery is uncertain. However, seller can list his domain under the 'Listing' sale type without buying limitations and the buyer can purchase all the tickets for the lottery and claim his/her domain.

This marketplace is launched few days ago and still in beta, you might notice only a handful of domain names. All the transactions at happens on the blockchain so watch out for transaction fees. Currently only two people working in this project, Please ask all of your doubts and questions by commenting below or through DMs/email/discord/twitter. I will reply to all of your doubts and queries, please be patient incase if we're loaded with a lot of queries.

I kindly request the community's support for this project. We are working on to add more features and benefits to the participants down the road, with more user friendly website, maximum sales and minimum-to-no loss as priority.
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Interesting concept, can you use any other token than xDai ? Also can it be deployed to any EVM compatible chain ?!
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