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  1. Evan Rice

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    Me and some people have a small community on discord around this old game called "Hamsterball"

    Recently we have gotten information about hamsterball 2 from the original developer.

    He just revamped his website, he got domain names for all of his games.

    But the domain name for hamsterball was not a .com which made me kinda sad..

    So i want to try to find an email for the original owner of the domain name of "" and buy it. I
    have never done domain stuff too much so i might be dumb with this entire thing,my budget for buying the domain is 50$.

    Heres what I have done to try to find the owner

    I have done all whois lookups for the domain, he got namecheaps whois guard so I cant find it through that mean.

    If you go to the website currently all you see is a login page, so a 'no go' there

    I looked up the domain on and it was a "self-help schooling page" if i click contact I dont see an email, just one of those "contact me" things with no email, because of I obviously cant submit a contact request

    Can anyone help me out for free? I just joined this website so I'm not sure if thats too much to ask for or not, im a noob. The most I will offer to a (is it called a broker? someone who finds the owner to a domain?) is about 10$

    Thanks! also someone tell me if im in the wrong section
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  2. BrandPlease

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    Did a quick background search & whoever the owner was/is 2014 - present has had (paid) domain privacy services added. So, it wont be quite that easy - the time it would take & the cost you incur to hire a pro to track, would be far beyond $50. Honestly, access to the programs to be able to find this info would cost you more than 50.

    sorry, not trying to be mean or rude - just didnt want to leave your message hanging & wondering why no one responded.

    Do wish you luck in finding the owner, though. GL
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  3. jtc10101

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    Just curious, what tools would you use if you had the budget to find the domain owner?
  4. comnicoless

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    I will help you for a fee of $99 / lookup. Brokering sale $500 + fees,. DM for link to pay. Thank you.
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  5. iAdam

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    Hello and welcome. It looks like you did your homework right and you are not a complete a noob. I hope you can get in touch with the domain holder and acquire it, but i can't guarantee you the $50 deal. 😀
  6. NameWell

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    First of all I would try finding any email addresses associated with that domain name (i.e. [email protected] etc.) If no luck with that and if I was serious about that domain name I would probably just hire a professional. For example ($17 per domain name + commission)

    Also, the domain names was registered in 2000 and kept for ... 20 years. Back then renewals were more expensive so the owner spent quite a lot for keeping it so long. Today it is a well aged domain name so it's value is a lot higher than $50. The important question is wheater the owner is aware of that ;)

    Here's a GoDaddy's domain appraisal:

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  7. griff

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