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budget: above $500 Looking for SquadHelp Premium Listing Names

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I am looking for .com domain names from Squadhelp Premium Listing.
I want to buy some good names where the seller is the only owner.
100 - $1000 Per domain for 4L
12 - $40 Per domain for other SH Premium listings (only two word combinations, no made up words or anything else).

Please send your list with prices, expiration dates and registrar details.
Wholesale price must be taken into account here

Your SH ads must be redirected to the SH sale page.
Your listings must not be in offer mode.
The price of the listings must be specified in SH.

I will pick from your list, so don't expect to buy everything you have in bulk.
Do not post your domains here. Send them in PM only and then reply to this thread after that with this phrase "PM sent".

Thank you !
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