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budget: above $100 Looking for any good .io names

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Looking for good quality .io names

Minimum Criteria:

1. Looking for One-word names; Two-word names; Or One-word Brandable types with smart prefix (i.e. i, e, Go, etc) and suffix (i.e. ly, ify, etc)
2. The name should be taken in 50+ extensions (can be checked at
3. Any niche ok

Preferred Criteria:

1. Popular one-word names
2. The name should be taken in 100+ extensions (can be checked at
3. Tech, Finance, Crypto, NFT etc niches

Budget per name: $50 to $250
[Will be buying more in the 50-100 range and less in the 100-250 range]

Number of names wanted: 10 to 20
Total Budget: $2000+

Please Note:

1. DM me the names along with the asking Prices and post 'DM sent' in this thread.

2. Will only reply to names I am interested in; if you do not receive any reply within 48 hours generally means I am not interested in the name(s).

3. Members not following the above guidelines will NOT be reported O_o; but would nevertheless request you to follow the above guidelines so as not to waste your time or mine.

Happy Domaining!
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