branding Longstanding digital arts and crafts website has a new home at DigitalScrapbook.com



it's a mystery
"Marisa Lerin announced that her longstanding digital scrapbooking community website, Pixel Scrapper, has a new name and new online home: DigitalScrapbook.com"

What I found interesting is that she had to wait 10 years to finally get the domain.......

DigitalScrapbook.com history:

2010: Founded by Marisa Lerin as a hobby site to host her digital scrapbooking creations (pixeledmemories.com).

2012: Relaunched as a community site with tutorials, forums, and multiple designers (pixelscrapper.com). Also became a full-time business.

2013: Marisa writes the first version of what is now the DigitalScrapbook.com manifesto.

2019: Registered as a benefit company in the state of Oregon.

2020: finally purchased digitalscrapbook.com domain name after ten years of attempting to acquire it.

2021: rebranded and moved to a new home at DigitalScrapbook.com.