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The ccTLD section starts off nicely with ($13,000 USD) going for 5-figures, along with other solid transactions like (6,499 EUR), (5,950 EUR), (5,500 EUR), (5,500 EUR), and (5,000 EUR). As you might have noticed, it’s another .DE party going on and we’re all invited, but there were a few interesting dissenters like the 3-letter (2,450 EUR), and the word domains ($4,250 USD),$2,500 USD), and (2,000 EUR). Overall, this week’s chart featured a massive 24 ccTLD domain sales that reached a price of at least $2K (which we can measure against the 13 and 13 sales from the last 2 weeks, and the 12 sales of 3 weeks ago), with the overall auction leaders sorting out in this order: .DE (9 listings), .EU (3), .CO (2), .CO.UK(2), .NL (2), and then single entries for .AM, .CL, .CN, .IT, .TV, and .US.
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