Like vs Thank? Also, Dislike? (Post Quality)

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    That's right.

    I doubt that. Let me explain,

    Thank is according to your own words, meant to express thankfulness that it was posted or shared. We choose this to appreciate their time or candor, encourage them to post more, etc. If we weren't thankful to someone for any reason like their unfairness, we would choose dislike or would just ignore the post. If we choose like, it means we are thankful and do agree with the post.

    In other words, we choose like in so called overlap situations.
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  2. Thanks for sharing, but remember that everyone is different. Try to be careful not to simplify things into what everyone does. There are exceptions. I explained one way, you explained another, and there are more possibilities too. ;)

    We can't make assumptions about how members use the reactions because everyone can use them anyway they want (Within the rules).

    Hope that helps,

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