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2,419 has expired – What price will it sell for? Check out the Top 10 Reported Sales

The domain name has expired after 26 years and is being auctioned off at GoDaddy right now, the auction ends in the next 72 hours and the domain name will be sold assuming the owner doesn't renew...

At the time of writing this post, the domain name was sitting at $4,050 USD but I suspect it will close at least in the High Four Figures or if not break into Five Figures...

The domain name appears to have been owned by Inova health system who has over 160+ domain names in their portfolio, it looks like it's been in their hands for over a decade and one can only assume its lapsed renewal is an accident. is a domain name that most likely won't come up for sale as it's owned by German Aviation Company Lufthansa who uses that domain name as a forwarder to, so what price could close it then in the next few days... Here are comparable sales in the Top 10 Publicly Published READ MORE on ROBBIES BLOG