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Hello everyone. This would be my first post and first "public appearance" at NamePros. I've been watching from the outside to get a grip on the industry, following great domainers on twitter, looking at sales and so on, and so forth, but decided to chip in on the conversations. My background comes from building companies (ISPs, SaaS etc), but find domaining a curiosity and now a small hobby of mine. I'm more into the thrill and enjoyment it gives me to try to succeed in something new.

Understanding the kings are the most valuable, and without the (realized) budgets to go after the really premium names, I had to think outside of the box - so I've been collecting Jokers. My current portfolio, which is purely out of trying things out through SquadHelp to generic listings on DAN, Sedo, Afternic/GD etc, they range between utter shit (what was I thinking, or f'ed up on dutch auctions) to barely OK, with a couple of exceptions. But that's fine, I'll do it better over time.

I quickly set up my own set of authoritative DNS servers to control landing sites, verification codes and being able to work with domains in batch. That was a real time-saver. Created Carrd landers for a few domains, pushed to DAN or Epik for the rest, depending on broker status.

My personal interests are crypto and metaverse. So I did the typical thing and secured a few .com's, .co's and .io's that I found relevant, but also started to build a few different types of projects. So I wanted to present a couple of them, that you may have your very own opinions on (much appreciated), but that I think could be attractive to the right end-user:

Here's the complete set for Project Gateway: Crypto//gw
And this is the portal to The Metaverse: The//MV

I think the MV video is a bit crap, as I can do better, but I'll look into that when I get time to sit down video editing next time. The idea is that everyone talks about "The Metaverse", as it is only one (which is the real goal of the industry anyhow), so when you shorten it down, you get "the-dot-emm-vee" - highly pronounceable, short and to the point.

Anyways, I rant. What's your experience in this direction? Where would you hang out with these?
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