priced Joupe.com + 4 domains -one price

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Joupe.com-----------Pronounceable one word domain , the word means whatever you want per urban dictionary

Price: $1700 --- 5 domains
BIN: $1650
Domain: Joupe.com
Domain Registrar: Dynadot
Domain Expiry: 9-6-23
Revenue: n/a
Traffic: n/a
Payment Options: Paypal,

I will throw in Yamzig.com , dynadot , 6-15-23

I will also add DIYSmash.com ----------- has website, namecheap , 12-12-23

I will also add LendsMoney.com ------- dynadot 5-10-23

I will also add MountainmanSkills.com ---- namecheap 8-23-23

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If you make an offer close to price we will be open, clearing some old domains
updated, 5 domains, one price , paypal

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