Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show predicted Coronavirus Pandemic. New World Order Bilderbergs.

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    This is a ridiculous post, I'm pretty sure I went thru all this already.

    I just told you I've seen other shows, certain seasons not available, usually licensing agreements.

    Then you just posted again, you think this guy was silenced. After I posted all his social media. Look at his Twitter account alone:

    Twitter account that links to both Facebook and Amazon for his book.

    YouTube -

    All kinds of videos on him. They could make it if you did that search, it show 0 results. Are they? No. Again, why would they. He brings in traffic.
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    yea well here's the odd thing Abdullah.

    I get that message too. noticed that too and thought it was strange since I'm in the USA.

    you know. in a world and a time where EVERYTHING is PR.

    you have a popular show from 2010 from Turner. It has an obvious "following".

    i mean heck. there are shows right now worse and better than Conspiracy Theory right now. Old and New that I bet you is FREE to Watch because Turner's "name" is on it. so it's good for PR to give free use to it on sides like Youtube or Amazon.

    many examples of this.

    Why is this particular Show does Turner have an iron grip on it as far as distribution?

    Check this out.
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    I've seen his twitter. and i've noticed he's toned down a bit on his ideas. just a bit. I think they got to him or he's scared finally.

    Yea I've seen his "new stuff" but I noticed he no longer talks about the stuff from season 2.

    also let's talk then about licensing agreements.

    Amazon can't nail Season 2? but can nail down season 1 or season 3? I mean cmon man. This is Amazon here. not a startup with a budget of chicklets. lol
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    He doesn't seem too scared. He literally made a recent tweet about Amazon warehouse 4 days ago:

    Going at Amazon, while at the same time promoting his book via an Amazon link.

    Just follow the rules on whatever platform you're on, that's it.

    Really go thru his Twitter account, talking about all kinds of stuff. Amazon, Snowden, banking......
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    haha gotta give it to the old guy. he's got coconuts.

    but seriously.

    I think he knows the topics from season 2 hit a nerve. he knows he got cancelled for a reason.

    I've seen the episodes long time ago.

    since then I don't think he's ever gone back to the topics of those seasons. he has since go on to other topics. relevant topics. current topics.

    topics that no one will cancel him for.

    fringe topics but fluff topics that won't get him cancelled or fired.

    i mean the other topics from Season 1 and Season 3 were so crazy and forgetable I'm sure that's why those are "okay" to "license".

    Apocalypse 2012?
    Time Travel?
    Death ray?

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    So he got cancelled because of something in Season 2...........but there was a Season 3.

    Just decided to check Bildberberg on Amazon Prime, all kinds of stuff:

    A Secret History: The Making of America

    Shadow Government

    Bilderberg: The Movie

    306 books
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    eeehhh.....give just enough info to look legit. Give it a good enough title to look legit. then steer the curious away from the real truth.

    plenty of misdirection going around.

    I bet all those tell "A STORY" not the "whole story".

    just enough to satisfy the curious. once satisfied. they move on to whatever distracts them.

    they'll say.

    "oh bilderbergs? yea. saw that movie or read about it. I don't see the big deal. what's everyone so crazy about them? I don't get it."

    I can see you think conspiracy people are nuts. lol and that's fine. I respect your opinion of me. but as a Filipino who grew up during the oppressive Marcos regime. Where few of my family members were rounded up in the middle of the night.

    I trust no one especially people in power.

    When people say "don't worry we got this."

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    I'm not sure what Marcos has to do with Season 2 not being available on Amazon. Most of the stuff you've posted simply doesn't hold up. From all this Jesse Ventura stuff, to those FEMA coffins that weren't actually FEMA coffins. Understand this conspiracy stuff makes good money for people like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura etc. Monetizing gullible people is an easy business.
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    I do agree such things do make money for those who push the conspiracy. Conspiracy does sell books. no doubt.

    it's where there are signs of active censorship and silencing that I take issue with you.

    It's obvious the lawsuit Ventura was involved in spelled thee end of Conspiracy Theory.

    Ventura essentially became "radioactive" to anyone who might have given him an outlet to talk.

    he did end up getting a gig on and RT news but that's really nothing.

    Marcos was a dictator. he used to power of government to do his bidding. like silencing people who "knew stuff" and talked.
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    What is especially stupid about that one is that you can easily look up the cost of earthworms:

    Pounds: Price Per Pound:
    1 ................$35.00
    2 ................$28.50
    3 ................$26.00
    4 ................$25.00
    5 ................$24.00

    It amazes me the crap that people will believe because they saw it on the internet.

    For the amount of meat that goes into fast food chain burgers, where are they getting these tons of worms from?

    Are there huge worm farms somewhere turning out hundreds of thousands of pounds of earthworms at a cost cheaper than actual beef?


    Who is raising these worms? How do you buy them?

    Go find me someone selling worms for less than beef.

    Just f-ing stupid.

    Have you actually ever figured out the economics of raising earthworms? Get a clue. This stupid thing has been floating around for years, and continues to be propagated by idiots that are incapable of grasping the simple fact that raising earthworms is more expensive than raising cattle on a cost-per-pound basis.

    As McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc noted at the time, the rumor didn’t even make sense from a financial standpoint: Rather than saving the company money, the idea of using of worm meat as a “cheap filler” was nonsensical because worms were much more expensive than beef:
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    of all the threads for @jberryhill to comment on. It's this one? hehe lol love it! Welcome @jberryhill !

    I've read that "reasoning" about the pricing of Earthworms.

    The pricing must apply to the USA.
    Think of the labor involved in catching Earthworms in the USA? Labor rates are obviously more than the Philippines.

    That plus the fact that if you ever go to the Philippines. There isn't much Cows. Not much land for them to graze.

    My grandfather was the 4th largest Chicken farmer and the third largest pig farmer in the Philippines.

    he never had cows because it cost too much to feed them. Pigs eat anything. Chickens eat pretty much anything.

    My grandfather had goats and ducks too and a fish pond.

    This is why I believe this "myth" or "legend" is true.

    Cheap labor to farm earthworms.
    Not much cows. (supposedly Jollibee since 1976 has served over 2 billion hamburgers in the Philippines. This was 2011.)

    If anything, the burgers were filled with Soybean fillers.

    Thanks for the input @jberryhill lol :xf.grin:

    edit: so to add. my belief as far as Jollibee is concerned is not because of the price of Earthworms but the simple fact that cows in the Philippines is very hard to raise.

    don't ask me where or how earthworms can be raised on the cheap. I agree it's probably expensive.

    but this is more about how difficult it would be to supply Jollibee with beef.

    I've seen cows back home. Most look skinny as hell and dehydrated because of the heat.

    Most looks almost close to death. Emaciated.
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    So? Because your grandfather didn't raise any worms, you believe it is true?

    Where are all of these worm farmers at? Surely there must be a lot of them.

    Do you even know what it takes to raise earthworms on a large scale?

    The reason I chose to comment on this one is because it is just so obviously stupid.

    Here are some Pinoy worms for sale:

    500 PHP per kilo.

    That's about twice the price of beef in the Philippines. You don't have magic soil there which allows earthworms to be more economically raised than cattle. Earthworms are more labor intensive and you can't just put them out to graze. Additionally, the cost of beef in the Philippines is about half what it is in the US:
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    I believed it is true because there's hardly any Cows in the Philippines. And if there is. might as well be the equivalent of Lobster here in the USA.

    No my grandfather never raised Earthworms. when did I say that? I DID SAY. he NEVER raised COWS.

    Too expensive. Pigs. ok. Chickens? Ok Ducks? Ok Cheap.

    All fed with either corn or soy bean or other leftover by products.

    nice link but the PRICING of that is obviously like the pricing for composting worms on Amazon. that my friend is obviously RETAIL pricing not wholesale.

    Are you implying a restaurant like Jollibee pays full retail price? not wholesale?

    IT'S NOT THE SAME as say Jollibee paying some poor starving Filipino to "figure out" how to get earthworms for cheap.

    again you made me recall a story my mother told me. when she was stuck in during a thunderstorm in essentially an "out house".

    She told me she sat there squatting doing her thing. Then the storm happened. Thunder and lighting Monsoon. Wet ground.

    The Earthworms because of the electricity hitting the wet ground made the earthworms come out the ground all around her in the out house. lol

    and she ran out as it filled up the out house up to her ankles.

    That's how easy it is to get earthworms in the Philippines.

    That's my Earthworm story. thanks for taking me down memory lane! lol

    But besides the fact Earthworms wholesale in the Philippines is cheap and Cows are scarce.

    What I know about the Philippines. Land of bribes and other forms of corruption. I wouldn't put it past Jollibee to "occassionally" when no one is looking put additives in the "whatever burgers" Earthworms? Soy Beans. etc etc.

    I don't know what the big deal is. Earthworms have more protein than beef supposedly per ounce. If I never read about it. I probably wouldn't care as much.

    rather have earthworms than the Tapeworms from beef.
  14. jberryhill

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    They don't pay retail for beef either. It is still more expensive - on a pound for pound basis - to raise earthworms, no matter how you look at it.

    And simply getting them out of the ground is not going to get you earthworm meat with regularity on an industrial scale. That's not how you raise earthworms in any volume to make a significant contribution to the amount of meat sold in a fast food chain. Yes, you can get some out of the ground using electricity - that's done everywhere. But that's not how you raise earthworms at scale. If you take all of the earthworms out of your yard today, they are gone. There are not new ones moving in anytime soon. Significant volumes of earthworms are raised and sold as fishing bait here in the US, and they are still more expensive than beef, whether one is talking wholesale or retail. It is simply due to the economics of raising earthworms versus cattle.

    On a pound-for-pound basis, it is still cheaper to let steer graze on several acres of scrubland than it is to collect that one crop of earthworms from it. Most of what goes into raising cattle is "doing nothing" (for free range cattle), or simply maintaining a feedlot.

    This same dumb rumor has been attributed to every fast food chain in existence, from McDonalds to Taco Bell to Burger King. It is false every time. Oh, oh, right... but in the case of one chain in the Philippines, this identical dumb rumor is true.

    Go find all of those earthworm farmers making bank, and report back to us.
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    I never assumed that Jollibee was outsourcing this farming. If this was so that's "too many people" knowing that Jollibee is buying earthworms from earthworm farmers.

    I say a select few within the organization are charged with the farming of earthworms instead of going to some earthworm farmer wearing a Jollibee corporate polo shirt asking for 300 million lbs of earthworms.

    Also, never did say it say that this company would USE 100% earthworms in their burgers but as filler meaning

    20% earthworm
    20% soy
    60% Beef

    or even

    60% beef
    10% chicken
    10% pork

    I mean really once it's in patty form who really checks? and when it's time TO CHECK i.e. some Philippines government official come check and put a 100% beef stamp of approval.

    All you need is someone giving Jollibee a "heads up" that a spot check will come in 2 days or 1 day and THAT day make sure you have 100% beef and when the coast is clear back to the "proprietary blend".

    Did I not mention several times on NP how corrupt the Philippines is? It's a poor country everyone has a hand out especially those in power but even more so those in lowly positions not making enough money or just know they CAN make money.

    You're not from the Philippines. I am.

    My country? They kidnap poor kids off the streets and sell their organs. It's become an urban myth kids stay home but it's been proven that criminals were doing this. Parents were selling their kids to people. God only knows what was done to them.

    In my country my mother went home to get her property assessed for taxes. She went home with cash specifically for the Bribes to whoever.

    It's pretty common place there like air.

    This Earthworm story? Sure. I know it's crazy. It's proven to be untrue supposedly but me? knowing Philippines? I wouldn't put it past some "mcdonald's like" organization to cut costs and make money.

    i mean. Earthworms won't kill anyone. At least it's not like in China where it was proven that some Chinese Milk providers were putting Melamine in the millk to add volume to it.

    Even some rice producers. not sure if it was in China or Philippines were found out to be adding plastic or styrofoam made to look like little tiny rice grains.

    “Plastic rice is not made from plastic, it is rice that has been stored for up to 10 years and not stored particularly well. The rice had become badly contaminated with molds and instead of that nice white color, had turned into an unpleasant green color and what the fraudsters had done was they had taken that rice out of the stores and bleached it to get back the white color.

    “The only problem was whenever you bleach rice it loses the nice shiny surface so to get that back they sprayed it with paraffin wax. With that paraffin coating on it, it didn’t cook properly, hence the reason it was called plastic rice.”

    “The plastic rice is being sold to parts of the world that don’t have those checks and measures. It is not just in South East Asia; in Sub-Saharan Africa it crops up regularly where it is not only rice, they are generally sold the worst of the worst. Anything that cannot go into Europe because of food safety standards will end up getting dumped in Sub-Saharan Africa. They will sell to countries where they don’t have the measures to check and test for these things.”

    And then you have the 2013 Horsemeat Scandal in the UK

    "The 2013 horse meat scandal was a food industry scandal in parts of Europe in which foods advertised as containing beef were found to contain undeclared or improperly declared horse meat – as much as 100% of the meat content in some cases.[1] A smaller number of products also contained other undeclared meats, such as pork.[2] The issue came to light on 15 January 2013, when it was reported that horse DNA had been discovered in frozen beefburgers sold in several Irish and British supermarkets.[3]

    The analysis stated that 23 out of 27 samples of beef burgers also contained pig DNA; pork is a taboo food in the Muslim and Jewish communities.[4]

    While the presence of undeclared meat was not a health issue, the scandal revealed a major breakdown in the traceability of the food supply chain, and the risk that harmful ingredients could have been included as well. Sports horses, for example, could have entered the food supply chain, and with them the veterinary drug phenylbutazone which is banned in food animals. The scandal has since spread to 13 other European countries, and European authorities have decided to find a EU-wide solution. They initiated meat testing of about 4,000 horse meat samples for the veterinary drug."

    See the horsemeat scandal I'm sure was at one point a myth or urban legend until someone investigated and finally proved it.

    I'm sure past investigations into this "myth" were done and debunked just like with the Earthworm story.

    The problem with "investigations" is that how do you know if the investigators aren't bribed? or those being investigated weren't given a "heads up" so they can clean up their act and put up a good show for the investigators? These are things regular people like you think could never happen. But it does.

    You will now probably tell me that Bribed officials are also an Urban myth? an urban legend? like it could NEVER HAPPEN?

    anything is possible with the right stack of money.

    Ok look the whole Earthworm story might have been "debunked" and you might have all the evidence but it does not put my mind at ease. Especially when such large companies have opportunities to get away with it.

    The problem with the Earthworm story or myth is simply that "NO ONE HAS GOTTEN CAUGHT YET".

    And that could be because well they are VERY VERY GOOD at hiding this.

    and with a "Bribe culture" in the Philippines. This story can easily be squashed in just swept under the rug.

    Myth and stories since the dawn of time that may or may not be true have been around to keep people on their toes. "just in case".

    I mean heck Religion is a "myth" or "legend".

    yet here we are praying to Budhha or God or Jehovah or Vishnu or even Satan.

    Can't prove any of these exist either. yet billions believe in them.

    Many logical people pray. why? because we all die in thee end and I'm sure they all are thinking.

    "Just in case it's true." No one wants to go to eternal hell.

    If an urban legend makes people more cautious about a burger why would you poke fun at that?

    better to be safe than sorry. but ALWAYS QUESTION everything. don't be Sheep.

    Would I still eat Jollibee in the Philippines knowing there's probably Earthworms in it? Sure why not? tastes good. smells good. looks good. and earthworms have more protein per ounce than a pound of beef or something like that.

    I guess that's what they call them Yum Burgers lol.

    As far as calling someone dumb outright for saying something well "dumb". It's a bit much.

    A Child once asked the village wise man how he (the child) could become wise like him?

    Wise man said "To become wise you must assume you know nothing."

    Translation. people who think they know it all are really dumb.

    Many have been called dumb or crazy since the dawn of time. Funn think about dumb or stupid or crazy ideas. All it takes is one moment to prove it wrong.Wright brothers anyone?

    So if horsemeat scandal in 2013 was true? and plastic rice was true (but actually it was 10 year old rice with mold bleached white and then sprayed with parafin wax which made it float in water.

    and Melamine milk was true.

    Earthworm burger meat couldn't possibly be true?
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    Yes, food fraud happens. So what?

    It still makes no sense to use a "filler" in beef products that is more expensive to produce and obtain than beef itself.

    Simply because there are proven food scams does not mean that every product of someone's imagination is true.

    The fact that melamine has been used to defraud protein assays does not mean that someone is putting earthworms in hamburgers.

    If the previous sentence does not make sense to you, then I am simply not in the business of teaching others how to think.

    All of those food frauds had a economic rationale to them. Certainly, it is plausible that someone could be using cheap filler in all sorts of food. Earthworms cannot be produced at scale on a cost basis that is even competitive with beef (or chicken or pork for that matter). That's what makes this one particularly stupid.
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    I had a non educated person tell me that the Illuminati was formed in 2002 😂😂😂😂, I asked them, what about the Bilderbergs , Trilateral commission ? They told me those two don’t exist and are made up😂😂😂😂, I asked about the Rockefeller’s , was told they are just very wealthy who help people through their foundation 😂😂😂😂
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    I really enjoy digging into conspiracy theories of all types, related to many events, at many different periods or history. It's amazingly interesting and it's often hard to take a part the true from the truly presented.

    The virus stuff, maybe because it's so new, seems to offer the most intrigue (to me) at the moment.

    The Jessie stuff, I am more willing to bet (again, I tend to want to believe - so thought about it). Jessie is a master showman and he is (likely) the owner of the content. Jessie, to this day makes his living being the whatever the new event is - conspiracy guy. See clips of him on RT for example. So, he has to be ready to keep his show going by getting into the latest conspiracies. Maybe, its a business decision to suppress his older (copyright) content - to make a conflict with new conspiracy content less likely or easy - which could end his credibility and show. Less and less would remember as well as you.

    Just some toughts
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    ahhh the sky is falling, the sky is falling. "chicken little" might be rite.
  20. The Durfer

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    the thing about the big ones is its always in easily explained puzzle pieces waiting for the government to move in and solve the puzzle. Conspiracies or simple explanations, the stuff is there for what ever people think up to use them for.
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    i need to speak clearer i guess, they have gun factories always making guns or bullets for regular everyday reasons, they have nuclear plants always making nuclear waste and electricity for everyday reasons, but oh but, on that special day when it all comes to a head, those places will still be there for something else. Understand? ty.

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