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It's WAY easier to be entrepreneur in todays times



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Think about it. Back in the days, if a aspiring merchant wanted to become rich, he had to find someone richer to teach him, learn from books (if he had enough money to even buy a book, he were from wealthy family already, so finding someone richer would be far easier) or just try and most likely lose money because he couldn't learn basic information from anywhere, like where, from who, how, for how much, what to avoid, what route you should take etc. There were also guild schools for traders, but like with books, you would need to have a pretty wealthy family for it.

Even in Industrial era, basic stuff like "buy low, sell high" were family secrets and a common man had a very hard time to change his social status. It was a bit easier to learn, because books were cheaper and not that many people were illiterate, though it was still hard as hell.

But today? We have internet! Really, something like 40% of my skills came from internet. So much knowlege for FREE and even someone dirt poor could change his life or at least learn astonishing amount of things from it. You literally just need an internet connection and you could even use free wifi from library to learn. There are people that argue that internet should be free, because it should be one of human rights and I can see it happening, considering that people even in poorest regions of the world have phones that could connect to the internet.

Where am I going with all this? I dunno, I just love the internet and wanted to ramble about it :D
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You may not have heard about a place that was actually cheaper than internet, completely free, called "the library". It was like the internet, with a lot of pages contained not in websites but in books, and classified and selected by people that dedicated years of studying to the art of bibliothecography.

They were free, and often portable, at least in the sense that you could take the books home and have them there, almost as if they were yours, and then return them. It was very fun.

This is how one could look:


I think they still exist in some places....


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Libraries are nice. But you still have to drive there. Book might be checked out. And you don't get to search with a click of a button. Oh, and in the pandemic, internet becomes handier, while libraries shut down.
It's amazing how much data can be put onto a ($5 to $20) 1TB flash thumb-drive for leisure study anywhere (Tens of thousands of eBooks), with a device that is compatible with usb technology. There's even adaptors to connect flash drives with standard USB-A to android smartphones/tablets with USB-S (Or micro) connections.

USB flash drive bonus = No internet connection needed - You can plug it in and study off-line, anytime.

With the massive amounts of free information out there, it shouldn't be too hard to stay informed these days. Even though some people may not be able to afford a smartphone or tablet, they can still get a free version device from a Government program to stay informed and self-educate (In most U.S. States + Federal level programs).

I have an off-grid library in my pocket ;)