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It's Starting...Government Censorship On The Internet

Labeled as discuss in General Domain Discussion started by larryscott2559, Jun 22, 2018.


  1. larryscott2559

    larryscott2559 Established Member

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    Its starting. The government is getting more involved with the internet. Censorship is on its way. Prblogics.com seized, Mugshots.com seized, Backpage seized, GDPR policy, Net Neutrality, new bill signed today forcing online retailers to collect taxes...its happening.
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  2. Manaen

    Manaen Established Member

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    Mugshots should have been seized earlier in time. Privacy is not good for domain industry but is good for people in general no? And is it not good to have online retailers file taxes? What's a shame is that money going to the military instead of education.
  3. larryscott2559

    larryscott2559 Established Member

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    No, not from an online retailers perspective or the customers perspective, because thats more money you'll have to pay for a product and possibly more abandon carts for businesses. Sales tax means more money for the state.
  4. Ategy.com

    Ategy.com NameCult.com Gold Account VIP

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    Yeah .. money that goes to pay for education, healthcare, roads, infrastructure, police and other security services, etc etc

    If everybody paid their fair of taxes .. then everyone's taxes would be lower. Why should an online store not pay taxes when the guy running the store on the corner has to pay taxes? I never understood that argument?

    If you don't like what your government spends tax revenue on, then that's a completely different discussion! ;)

    I do agree that the removal of Net Neutrality is an issue though.
  5. IMEZI

    IMEZI Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    first you have to read one example : https://stluciatimes.com/2018/06/11/india-whatsapp-rumours-claim-more-victims/

    Think if you were one of the victim or you were close relative of the victim, then what would you say? Governing country with millions or even billions people were not easy matter, you could not completely satisfy all of those billions people, not to mention there always be some real demonic bad guys within those billions.

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