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advice Is HugeDomains/Comparable Still Buying Every Decent Dropped Name?



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There is a domain I want for a personal project. It was hand regged last year and expired last week.

I sent an offer.

Considering it hadn't been renewed, its possible the domain is set to be dropped by the seller. I made a judgement call to make an offer, because my worry is that when it drops it will be picked up by Hugedomains/comparable.

The name is ok, it's the type they go for. 2 words, somewhat catchy, both words are relevant to each other, .com.

Sometimes I see my own domain drops with the same criteria picked up by Hugedomains, other times I don't. Maybe they are also filtering based on niche/topic of domain.

Guess what I'm wondering is are domain grabbers for dropped domain like Huge Domains still scraping everything up before normal people can register it?

Should the email not get a response, I have to consider whether I will keep trying or wait for a drop. Obviously, I don't want HugeDomains to grab it and put up a ridiculous price tag.
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