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Invest into the stock market along with domains?



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I've done a forum search but wasn't really able to find anything, so I am curious if anybody else here also invest into stocks besides just domains :)? My father has been trying to get me into investing for years (should've listened), but I just recently got into it when a buddy got started with it too. Started with a free stock from Robinhood (Disclaimer: Refer link if you want to a free stock otherwise the App 'Robinhood' is available in Google/Apple app store) but now i have reinvested some of my domain earnings into some stocks that have been growing 'steadily'

Its all still kind of confusing because once you get into all the terms, then it seems like its own religion lol. Might be a less volatile way though to grow those domain earnings. Anyways.. anybody else into the stock market and finding more investment opportunities?
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