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TL;DR WHC has just launched our Domain Club for our Canadian domain fans and investors, which gives you better renewal pricing - without any membership fees.

The Domain Club at WHC

This new year is off to an excellent start for domainers and domain enthusiasts at WHC. Always with the goal of continuously improving the overall domain experience at WHC...

We just launched The Domain Club!

That's right! After launching our own TBR backorder platform for .CA domains and adding new domain features, we’re now introducing a new savings program for those looking to get the most out of their domains: The Domain Club

Joining is simple and available to clients with 25+ domains at WHC. Curious to know how to become a member? Let’s dive into it.

What is it?

The Domain Club is a savings program exclusive to WHC clients with larger domain portfolios. Joining the Club gives you access to rock-bottom prices on domain renewals on top of the everyday low prices on registrations. Becoming a member is simple, entirely free, and available to clients with at least 25 domains at WHC.

What is the pricing?

Our registration and transfer prices are already low, but you can save on renewals, too.


Who can join?

If you have 25+ domains here at WHC, you qualify automatically for the Bronze membership, which gives you discounts on domain renewals and privacy protection.

For those with 75+ domains, you automatically become a Gold member, allowing for even greater savings and premium privacy protection for free.

Which TLDs are discounted?

Currently, on top of the lowest registration prices on almost all of our 400+ domain extensions, members of the Club get a discount when renewing the following top-level domains: .CA, .COM, .ORG, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ and .QUEBEC. Keep an eye out, as we plan to add more extensions to the list very soon.

What’s included?

As always at WHC, every domain you have with us includes free domain forwarding, free email forwarding, our Canadian DNS hosting and an advanced DNS zone editor.

Any newly registered domains can also benefit from a free 1-page website with Weebly website builder. This allows you to create and publish an online presence for your domain in just a few clicks.

We’ll also add new features and perks exclusive to Club members as we expand the program over the upcoming months.

And that's not to mention all the other benefits of choosing WHC for your domains. We’re a proudly Canadian company headquartered in Montreal. Prices are in Canadian Dollars, and our friendly team is available 24/7.

How do I join?

Becoming a member is simple; pricing will adjust automatically once you join the club. Plus, there are no membership fees or hidden costs to be a member!

If you currently manage 25 or more domains at WHC or to know how many domains you have with us, visit The Domain Club page and click Join the Club. After you log in to your WHC account, you’ll get confirmation of your membership and your tier (Bronze or Gold) if you qualify.

If you don’t have enough domains to qualify, you can always register more or transfer your domains from other providers easily in just a few clicks.

What’s next for domains at WHC?

The domain team is always looking to improve the experience for domainers and other domain aficionados at WHC. We’re currently working on offering premium domains and exploring aftermarket options. We have also launched a beta of our new client area, contact us and get a sneak peek.

Also, please keep your eyes peeled for other exciting news, such as a friendly domainer get-together in our Montreal office. On that note, the whole team here looks forward to welcoming you to The Domain Club, including myself, Frank Micklick, Chief Domain Nerd at WHC!

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That looks very attractive. Thanks for telling us about it.
Do I understand correctly that the 25 or 75 can be made up of a mix of various TLDs, for example, 20 .ca and 5 .com would qualify for Bronze level?
Thanks @Bob Hawkes for the question. The count is the total amount of active domains in your account, independent of the TLD.
Thanks for the answer, @Frank Michlick.

Just to let you know, at least one person joined as a consequence of your sponsored post here. I just transferred in 19 more .ca to push me above the Bronze requirements, and will probably transfer some more to get to Gold in the next little while. When one takes into account Canadian currency conversion the .ca in particular are very competitive when a member of the club.

Thanks again for the post.

Thank you @Bob Hawkes . Glad to have you as a customer.