Inside the box, Outside the box, and Creative side strategies

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    ok, so, I was pondering different sales strategies (Inside of the box, outside of the box, and creative side strategies).

    Inside the box:
    • Domain marketplaces
    • Domain Communities
    • 3rd Party Landing Pages
    • Inhouse Landing Pages
    • Social Media Domain Groups
    Outside the box:
    • Niche Targeted Social Media Groups (Not domain related)
    • Niche Targeted Communities (Not domain related)
    • Misc. Auction Platforms (No domain category)
    • Niche Targeted Outbound eMails
    Creative Side:
    • Mail Bumps - Sending out a printed letter to a prospect and including a penny in the envelope so it increases the odds of them opening the letter by 75% to see what the bump is inside.
    • Return To Sender - Those annoying return postage paid sales ads you get can be reverse engineered to send a domain sales offer back to the sender, on their own postage paid dime.
    • Cork it - Printed domain sales ad pinned to corkboards in laundromats, colleges, and grocery stores that provide corkboards for free local community advertising.
    • Random - A small two-sided business card sales ad you can leave in the bathroom, on a table at a restaurant, or other places someone would be likely to see them.
    Have you tried all the above?
    If so, which method worked best for you?

    Do you use a method not listed above that works?
    If so, what method(s) are working for you?
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