budget: above $5000 Inquire about bulk 3L domain names



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I am actively looking for 3L dot com (.com) domain names as part of my portfolio expansion and diversification. So if you have numbers of 3L .com domain name at your disposal and wanted to clean/ clear from your portfolio; please do send DM me your list with the offer price. Also, please note under this thread/inquiry, I am looking:
1. Only 3 L domain names
2. Only dot com (.com)
3. No hyphen, numbers or IdNs domains
4. Price should be less than US$ 5,200 (depending on quality)....Revised Budget $8,500
New applicable budget US$ 12,500
5. Preferably from Godaddy as registrar.

Kindly sends your list directly to me if you have domain names meeting above all conditions. Please excuse me if you do not receive a reply from me. It would not be possible to respond to everyone as we will reply to the owner/s with whom we advance our deal. Thank you for your understanding and have a great time ahead.

PS: Thanks for pointing out topo.
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