question-answered If I have a list of 5000 emails of domain sellers/investors


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A couple things, the two names I heard I wouldn't even argue are mediocre. They are terrible. I know domaining is subjective but if your not getting inquiries, your choices are patience, build a website on it or strategic outreach such as companies that might be interested. I promise you the less than 1 percent chance of a sale from mass spamming is only going to get you blacklisted.
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I don't want any domain investor approaching me to sell / buy... because both of those fulfilled by established marketplaces. Retail and wholesale good options are out there.

I will consider it as big spam...and report it.
maybe have to be very careful before doing business here if that causes some troubles.

I don't know how you thought benefitting from this is a good idea. I can't see any valid reasons...and it's surprising you posted here.


Wanted to add to my point...

If you asked and people added their info (email/phone) that is different and it is already being done.

Otherwise it's clear it's spamming and unsolicited approach.


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Change your approach bro.
I stumbled many times upon your auctions. It's sad. To get a good domain hand reg you should work for hours and you should build knowledge before, during a long time. Try maybe DesktopCatcher and get better names. Learn from Namepros other ways. Spend time on reading and not on spamming. The names that you propose worth nothing. It's not true that anything you can buy with money has value. Forget about the emails list, i'm sure you're a nice guy and you don't wanna be a pain in the ***.
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.... I am not a spammer! ...

You can't be spammer easily with 5000 emails. 5000 emails are nothing compared to big companies sending millions of email daily.
Just research how they are sending tons of emails without getting labeled spammer.
Use paid email services to get better protection from spam complaints and better delivery ratio. Don't ask me which paid email service is the best because I haven't tried any of them. I am not into email marketing and have never sent mass emails or unsolicited emails. However I know many technical things on emails, including installing and running email servers. If you will send unsolicited emails, use paid email services, don't use your own things like your own free email account, shared hosting account, poorly managed servers, etc.
It depends, my all posts are in auction section. Most of the posts are like "up" and bid amount etc...
That sums it up. Most of your posts are “ up” “bump”
Thanks to @Josytal i can mark your email as spam with all my accts. Spam sucks
As for your unsubscribe link comment. I never subscribed. People like you are the filth of domaining. You want to know what its like to get spammed? You want your box filled up with crap? How you get emails? People that have done business with you in the past?


@DTR Alex I couldn't have said it better.

First and foremost, it’s important to be thoughtful and intentional in your targeting and in your outreach. In other words, don’t prospect into industries that aren’t a good fit for your product or service — nothing will harm your credibility more than reaching out to prospects who don’t have a need for your offering.

Every touch of your sales outreach should provide value to the prospect. Most customers end up buying from you because you’ve built a level of trust with them by providing value — this doesn’t happen when your approach to outbound is a blind “spray and pray” attempt to reach out to any and every email address you can get your hands on.

It’s tempting to go that route, but it will usually get you in trouble and harm your brand. Non-targeted outreach leads to prospects marking your emails as spam, which could lead to bigger problems like future emails being auto-flagged as spam, or even getting your domain blacklisted.

Do your homework and put in the work on the front-end to only reach out to qualified prospects. You’ll have more pleasant interactions with prospects and you’ll close more qualified deals.

Read more here:
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What if I want to sell,,, etc..

You have LLL , NNNN , one-word .com (to sell) under your belt ,and you are willing risk being labelled as spammer!?
Don't you think you are trying too hard to reach the road to doomsday?

Why not just list your top doms on places like Sedo/Dan and wait&watch for what happens next?
You can make money from any legit email list. You just need to change the approach.
So, you have the domainers list, as most people here said, don't spam them with "Buy my domain" emails.
I really won't recommend you to do it this way.
If I had these emails, I would have used them in the way of "what domainers are actually looking for?"
They find the so-called "Premium domains" themselves easily using tools and other auctions, also they do keep on searching on the various aftermarket.

So, I would have used this list for a newsletter, or stories behind domains, domain offers from different registrars, like how domainsmoke did it. Read tweets from searchcloud, dotweekly, waren, you have a lot of content around the domain industry. Just make it interesting for the domainers, research, and find something new. Then comes the earning part. Be affiliate with different registrars and put them in the newsletter relevantly. Keep your domains for sale at the bottom of the email. If this gets appreciation, you can have sponsored domain listings from fellow domainers. Don't spam but feed what people looking for.
Sending an unsolicited newsletter is also considered spam. Even if my top favorite domain hero sent me an amazing newsletter, just out of the blue, I would definitely ask "when the f*ck did I sign up for this newsletter?". And when I realize that "never", I would click on the Unsubscribe button.
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